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  • Technocutter - Cutter-Distributors

    Technocutter - Cutter-Distributors

    Operation time for cutting and distrubution 5 mins. Distance of fling from m 1 to mt 15. Perfect for roll-bales and square bales. Hydraulic conveyor of nourishment with varying speed, with reversing gear running. Rear hydraulic side for loading.

  • Cutter-Mixer

  • Vertical Mixer -Feeder With One Screw

    Vertical Mixer -Feeder With One Screw

    Constructive Features: single-auger vertical feed mixer - auger without crosspiece- two hand-operated counter-knives - front discharge conveyor on both sides - independent hydraulic system PTO shaft - chassis - weighting system mod. Graphic - front inspection platform - hydraulic support foot - CE norms.

  • Manure-Spreaders

  • Vertical Manure Spreaders

    Vertical Manure Spreaders

    Constructive Features: Sides painted welded thickness 3 mm - vertical spiral roller - electrical equipment - gear shaft - mechanical chains.

  • Rotating Manure Spreaders

    Rotating Manure Spreaders

    Constructive Features: front distributor spread - electrical equipment - type L35 with hydraulic lateral plate - Gear Shaft - Mechanical steering support.

  • Rollbales Loader

  • Roll-Bales Trailer

    Roll-Bales Trailer

    This machine was studied and realized to give an innovative solution to the handling and trasport of wet or dry bales. The rotating fork allows to collect the bales just in the same position they are left by the rotary press. Loading time: 8/10 minutes.