The Blosi company was established in the 60`s with the name of Blosi Sante and subsequently with the name of Blosi Sante and Son, in Reda, Faenza, Ravenna, Italy. Production was mainly non-motorised towed collection trucks, but already in 1971 the first self-propelled machine had been planned, designed and built. Motorised and towed fruit harvester for fruit groves: harvesting – thinning out – pruning – work on hail protection netting. The motorised fruit harvester are used by the majority of farmers that produce fruit in rows or espaliers of high or low dimensions: apples, pears, peaches, plums, prunes, apricots, kiwi, The various models that we produce are very versatile and adapt easily to all crops and each user’s needs and harvesting methods.

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Via G.Di Vittorio, n.18 , Russi (Ravenna) , I-48026 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

In 1976, when truck production was already under way and the company developing at full speed, the son, Natalino, who had for some years been at the head of the company, expanded and moved the headquarters to the present premises in Russi, Ravenna. This was the period in which the company enlarged its market range and began exporting.

The N.BLOSI trademark became a synonym of quality..

The functionally of the machines manufactured and the seriousness of the company were acknowledged on all markets, making the company a sector leader.

From its establishment right up to the present day the production of collection trucks has continued ceaselessly. Over the years, and with technological and computerised evolution, materials and costruction techniques, design and company organisation have improved. Machine quality and the guarantee of a product which is always technologically abreast of the times remain our costant points of reference which do not change as time goes by.