Hagedorn has been the farmer`s partner for over 80 years. Since 1990 we have led the box-spreader industry with innovative designs known for our frames, hydraulic systems, beaters and drivetrains. Our spreaders set the standard others attempted to follow. Where others saw a waste product we saw a resource and set about designing and building machines to maximize the value of that resource. Our hydraulic-push platforms set the standard for reliability and control. Our beater systems, hydraulics, drivetrains and control systems are the benchmark against which others are measured.

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N.E. Hagedorn & Sons Limited had its beginnings in 1928 when Norman Hagedorn, eager to supplement his farm income, set up a small seed-cleaning facility, on the family farm, to supply his neighbour's need for quality forage and cereal seeds. Norm quickly came to understand that crops grow better in well-drained soil.

In 1929 and for the next fifty years the Hagedorn organization supplied the needs of the farm community with tile drainage, seeds, fertilizer, seed-cleaning service, welding & machine shop service, and major farm equipment. The one constant is that we were always dedicated exclusively to serving the farm community. Along the way we were always involved with manufacturing at some level. In the early days it was wheelbarrows, farm & logging sleighs and farm wagons. In the 60's, 70's & 80's we earned a reputation for building the best snowblowers on the market.
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By the late 60's a new generation of owners foresaw the need for specialization and took the company more strongly in the direction of manufacturing. Snowblowers, dump wagons and bale thrower wagons were our mainstay. Dozens of smaller items filled out our product line. In the mid-80's we abandoned all other interests to concentrate on manufacturing.

Years of listening and working in the farm community made us aware of the need for a reliable manure spreader. In 1988 we came up with a design and began experimenting. By 1990 we had machines ready for the market. The machine was an instant winner. By 1992 we were ready to abandon our other products to focus exclusively on spreaders. With over twenty five years of exposure, Hagedorn is the most recognized name in hydraulic push spreaders. We have a reputation for good machines and honest dealing. We have a good rapport with our dealers and with the farmers who use our machines.