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  • Extravert

  • Vertical Beaters

    Vertical Beaters

    For Vertical Beaters we went to BERMA, a world leader in vertical beater design. To ensure optimum performance, our engineering team worked with BERMA engineers to 'beef up' their basic beater designs to better suit harsh North American conditions. Paddle configurations are a combination of blades to slice through tough materials and cups to fling finer materials and semi-solids. Even corn and bean stalks are shredded to an indistinguishable fineness....

  • Hydraulic Systems

    Hydraulic Systems

    Hagedorn manure spreaders use a custom designed flow control valve for precise control of unloading and application. Engineered and manufactured exclusively for Hagedorn, the valve works well with all types of hydraulic systems and includes an internal bypass for quick return regardless of unloading speed. All 5000 series and 8000 series Extraverts are standard-equipped with a sequencing valve. This feature is integrated into the flow-control valve...

  • Cylinders


    Push-off cylinders, like our flow controls, are designed by our own engineering staff and manufactured by a reputable North American manufacturer. Our hollow-rod design (an industry first in 1990) allows oil flow for extend and retract cycles to be channelled through the rod eliminating the tangle of hoses that would otherwise be involved when the cylinder strokes. The cylinders use a rugged, ball-type sealing system that easily handles the flexing...

  • Powertrain


    Our drivetrain is designed to be easy to maintain and service. In the 1970s, Hagedorn pioneered the use of splined shafts for high-horsepower snow blowers. Today, every shaft connection on a Hagedorn spreader is a splined connection. Splines transmit power efficiently by spreading loads to the entire shaft (unlike keyed drives that focus the load on a single stress point). Splines can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled.

  • Bearings


    The life of a bearing is, in most cases, determined by the quality of its seals. Hagedorn uses bearings with triple-lip seals. These seals have been proven in tillage and planting equipment. Pillow block units with triple-lip seals were created especially for Hagedorn: another industry first. Our bearings are lifetime-lubricated, assuring long life and eliminating bearing maintenance. All Hagedorn bearings have an extended inner race with double set...

  • Frame Construction

    Frame Construction

    The frame is the heart and backbone of a manure spreader. Our frames combine structural tubes, formed sections and structural channels to achieve great strength and maintain the flexibility that is required in a large mobile platform. Manure unloads and spreads more evenly when the load is packed. Hagedorn platforms use large-profile formed sections, closely spaced, to carry heavy loads and withstand the forces of packing.

  • Galvanized Components

    Galvanized Components

    Hot-dip galvanized steel has been effectively used since the mid 1800's to prolong the life of building and machine components. Hydra-Spread uses galvanizing to protect the end-gate, push-gate and beater pan of selected models. Immersing the welded assembly in molten zinc ensures total protection. Because the process takes place at 700 degrees F the zinc is literally welded to the steel. Inside surfaces of structural tubes, seams, overlapped...

  • Poly Boards

    Poly Boards

    Hagedorn's poly boards meet all the requirements for a material that is strong, flexible, resistant to environmental degradation and very slippery. Our full-length boards and flush-head fasteners make a smooth, obstruction-free surface for easy unloading. Individual tongue & groove boards make an almost watertight box and, in the event of damage, are easy and inexpensive to replace. Being plastic (high-density polyethylene), the boards expand and...