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  • Agricultural Machines

  • Betakompakt


    The company N.O.P.O.Z.M. Ltd Slatiňany has a very wide range of high quality machinery in its production program for the preparation of soil before sowing and planting. Pleas contact us if you would be interested in Betakompakt. The application of the machine is for the preparation of sowing bed with hte machine is possible deliver on the customer demand with the sowing machine of home and also foreign production. The machine is semi-attached...

  • Combidisk


    Combidisk is a novelty in the production program of N.O.P.O.Z.M., Ltd. This combination of disc harrows and compactor allows you to process the stubble after harvest, to process rough furrows or sowing in the prepared soil. Disc harrows- Combidisk significantly reduce the costs associated with processing the soil before sowing.

  • Shortdisk


    SHORTDISK is used for plowing and soil preparation before sowing or planting. They are hanged from the three-point tow behind of tractor. The discs harrows can be customized to aggregate tubular roller, crosskil roller and other or with the optional hydraulic hitch seeder (seeding machine).

  • Garlic Planter

    Garlic Planter

    The planter is for planting garlic and bulbous  plants. The machine is made up of separate sections that are hanged independent by on paralerogram and move on strengthening roller. The driver´s seats are installed in the machine frame so that it does not burder the individual sections. According to the customer´s wish we can produce form 2 to 6 rows.

  • Garlic Digger

    Garlic Digger

    Diggers can lift garlic, onions and root vegetables. Its share lift the plants from rows. Then they can be easily pulled out and stored off the rows. Share can be adjusted for the row span from 350 to 550 mm. 1-6 share can be instaled on the frame. Hydraulic digger is guided on line service, so as to avoid the damage of plants. The maximum working depth is 180 mm.

  • Model PB 1-075 - Cultivator

    Model PB 1-075 - Cultivator

    Technical dates: Transport width: 2,45 m. Total weight: 310 kg. H.P.required: 20-30 kW. Working width: 2,45 m.

  • Roll Discs Harrows

    Roll Discs Harrows

    Working width: 3,1 m. Length: 2,5 m. Weight: 2,7 m. Tractor output: 70 kW.

  • Bottom Cutting Machine

    Bottom Cutting Machine

    Type U - 533. Working width: 1,6 m. Working depth: 15 cm. No. of knives: 24L + 24P. Output: 0,24 - 0,7 ha/h. H.P.required: min. 20 kW. Weight: 300 kg. Knife drums rotation at the tractor's rotation at 540 r.p.m.: 152.

  • Automatic Potato Planter

    Automatic Potato Planter

    Technical dates: Inter-row spacing: 62,5 - 67,5 cm. Capacity: 180/300 kg. Working speed: 4 - 6 km/h. Output: 0,3 - 0,47 ha/h. Tractor output: od 20 kW. Weight: 187/220 kg.