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  • Controller

  • Controller


    With the Controller model the mechanical drive is replaced by an electronically controlled hydraulic motor, wheel sensors monitor forward speed and distance travelled.Müller Uni-Control unit and the hydraulic drive motor will be automatically adjusted to maintain the required setting.The Controller is constantly checking the tuber count and comparing it with the figures entered into the computer and correcting the rate when necessary. An alarm...

  • Potato Planters

  • Model 2 r. - Planter

    Model 2 r. - Planter

    The KONINGSPLANTER is available in various models.We can deliver our machines on different work widths and row distance's.The planting distances are easily adjustable by a sprocket gear or with the optional computer, controller.We can deliver a big number of models and options to have an optimal result under all  circumstances.

  • Model 2-4r  - Unique Planting System

    Model 2-4r - Unique Planting System

    The Koningsplanter has been especially designed for pre-sprouted potatoes, so you can plant your pre-sprouted potatoes without sprout damage and what is more at high speed. By this large number of possibilities the Koningsplanter is an attractive machine for each potato grower and in special for the contractor, especially if the controller is used....

  • Model 3 R. - Three-Row Potato Planter

    Model 3 R. - Three-Row Potato Planter

    The system is the same as for the 2 and 4 row machines, except that the middle row has been set slightly backwards.  As a result, the distance between rows is 37,5 and 40 cm.  The potatoes are planted in 3 rows in a bed of loose and easily sievable soil.

  • Fertilzer Planter

    Fertilzer Planter

    The Konings Rowfertilizer  puts the fertilizer only where it is needed. This ensures big savings on the amount of fertilizer per hectare. The KONINGS ROWFERTILIZER mounts directly between the tractor and the KONINGSPLANTER without any adjustment to the machine. The potato planter will be mounted 20 cm further from the...

  • Onion Set Planter

  • Model UP Series - 5 Row Koningsplanter with Pressrolls Planter

    Model UP Series - 5 Row Koningsplanter with Pressrolls Planter

    The KONINGSPLANTER for onion sets, garlic's or shallot's.The KONINGSPLANTER is available in various models, from 4-row to 18-row.The patented supply regulation system ensures flawless operation and perfect supply regulation. It is easy to operate, easy to adjust and has a high capacity: driving speed up to 7km per hour.The planting depth can be set easily and thanks to the adjustable spring pressure the planting feet...

  • Roll Slitting Machine

  • Potato Cutting Machine