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  • Tractors

  • Carraro Tractors

    Carraro Tractors

    There has never been a better time to look closely at these reasonable priced tractors.

  • Machinery

  • Darwin - Blossom Thinner

    Darwin - Blossom Thinner

    Excellent fruit size and quality are achieved by using the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner. Thinning is mandatory in order to reach high fruit quality and high yields. This is very important with new apple cultivars with high flowering intensity and high fruit-charge. The regulation of the fruit is one of the most important crop factors that contribute towards ensuring fruit quality. The machine is attached to the front linkage system of the tractor...

  • Model BMV - Vineyard Defoliator

    Model BMV - Vineyard Defoliator

    Removes the basal leaves to increase grapes exposure to the light and allow the air circulation. Saves a lot of time and labour and can also make the harvest easier. Conical discs  tear down the sucked leaves. An optional cutting bar in the front can be fitted.

  • Sprayers

  • Model OCLL - Air Blast ATF Sprayer

    Model OCLL - Air Blast ATF Sprayer

    These OCLL sprayers have been sold by us for many years as an economically priced range of sprayers. They are well built and use good quality AR diaphragm pumps giving many years service and reliability. Modern design with smooth lines means the machines are gently passing through your crops. Specifications are flexible and can be built to your requirements, as with many of our machines. Tank sizes available from 600L up to to 3100L.

  • Berthoud Win Air Sprayer

    Berthoud Win Air Sprayer

    The New “Win’air “, capitalise all of Berthoud’s expertise in Spraying applications using the “Speedair and “Supair fan options, Airmist diffusers and “Easyflo” calibration etc. Various options of booms are available, Manual or Hydraulic Arche booms covering up to 2 + 2 ½ rows and adjustable to varying crop widths.

Products by Fendt - part of AGCO Corporation

  • Tractors

  • Fendt - Model 200 Vario - Tractor

    Fendt - Model 200 Vario - Tractor

    The 200 Vario is convincing down the line in the compact standard tractor segment. Experience the unmatched Fendt Vario technology, now also available in the 70 to 110 hp segment, and catch the excitement of continuously variable drive technology and ingeniously easy operation. Fendt has continuously developed this technology – and now Fendt stands for 100 percent Vario.

  • Fendt - Model 300 Vario - Tractor

    Fendt - Model 300 Vario - Tractor

    The 300 series has been uniting the experience of generations with the demands for the highest quality and performance. Whether in the grassland, in the field, during transport or for municipal work – equipped with even more comfort, features and efficient technology, the Fendt 300 Vario is your reliable companion for the daily challenges of your work. That is why we say: Yes. Because the Fendt 300 Vario offers everything that you need....

  • Fendt - Forage Harvester

  • Fendt  - Model Katana 65 - Forage Harvester

    Fendt - Model Katana 65 - Forage Harvester

    Forage harvesting and earning money is a lot of fun with the Fendt Katana. Because in the end it is always about performance. To be a cut above. With results that are convincing both in quality and quantity.

  • Combines

  • Fendt - Model E-series - Harvesting Machines

    Fendt - Model E-series - Harvesting Machines

    Fendt offers a broad range of harvesting equipment products to meet the many different demands of the market. The experience of over 130 years as well as tried and tested engineering have been incorporated in these robust Fendt combines.The Fendt E-series combines are specially designed for the demands of medium-sized farms and agricultural contractors. They stand for maximum cost-effectiveness and an excellent return on investment, as well as...

Products by Agrofrost NV

  • Frost Protection for Orchards, Vineyards and Greenhouses

  • FrostGuard	 - Model GC 20 & 30 - Frost Guard Machine

    FrostGuard - Model GC 20 & 30 - Frost Guard Machine

    The Frostguard was especially developed for fruit growers, grape growers and vegetable growers, to be used in greenhouses, plastic tunnels and small vineyards and orchards. But the FrostGuard is so flexible and easy to use that more and more growers buy it for larger areas. The FrostGuard will fight night frost AND improve your fruit set.

  • Frostbuster - Model F401 & F352 - Frost Buster Machine

    Frostbuster - Model F401 & F352 - Frost Buster Machine

    The Frostbuster really is a unique machine in the fight against night frost for fruit and wine growers. If you look for a cheaper protection per hectare: you will find none. Even more, the Frostbuster has several advantages compared to other frost protection systems: you can protect your crops in places where no water is available, or protect fruits which cannot be protected with water. It can be used not only during radiation frost...

  • Agrofrost - Wind Machines

    Agrofrost - Wind Machines

    Amarillo Wind Machines are self-contained frost protection systems that are designed to work in virtually any situation where frost endangers crops. We have chosen to sell Amarillo because of the reliability of their machines. The Amarillo Gear Drives are the finest gear drives available on the market. If you are looking for the most comfortable way to protect your crop, this is it! And if you want even more comfort, you can go for the Auto Start...

  • Agrofrost - Orchard Platform

    Agrofrost - Orchard Platform

    Operational ease of use and safety were the guiding principals when designing the ‘SIMPLICITY’. It stands out from other platforms by its simplicity, comfort and quality. It ‘s very easy to operate and it offers you all the basic needs. Its long platform can store three bins. Furthermore, it’s very comfortable thanks to the good sound insulation of the engine, and all this for a very competitive price. The...