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  • McCormick - Model X10 Range - Tractor

    McCormick - Model X10 Range - Tractor

    The McCormick range of X10 compact tractors are designed for a wide range of applications such as horticultural tasks, amenities and landscaping/ grounds maintenance and general day to day chores. On the farm they will handle tasks such as yard scraping, cubicle clearing and general cultivation or grassland mowing and baling operations. The choice of models and specification make them an ideal candidate and a variety of attachments can be supplied...

  • McCormick  - Model T-MAX Series - Tractor

    McCormick - Model T-MAX Series - Tractor

    The T-MAX series is midway between the C-MAX range, of which it inherits the cab and the wheel base. The front and rear field lights as well as the front grille have been newly conceived and feature a superb new look. The modular and versatile transmission is available with four synchronized gears and three mechanical speed ranges (SPEED FOUR) with hydraulically controlled oilbath multi-plate PTO as a basic version. The entry level 12+12 is available...

  • McCormick  - Model C-Max Series - Tractor

    McCormick - Model C-Max Series - Tractor

    The McCormick C-Max (T3), equipped with either cab or platform, adds a new level of economic functionality to the McCormick line.With power ranging between 74 and 102 hp, these new four models place themselves just one step below the “CX” series, offering all the features required for this kind of tractors, but with a simpler, economy-driven design in comparison to the McCormick “CX” Series.

  • McCormick  - Model X60  - Tractor

    McCormick - Model X60 - Tractor

    Developed as an evolution of the McCormick CX range, the new X60 series is designed to be even more powerful and reliable than its predecessor.Offered in the X60.20, X60.30, X60.40 and X60.50 (T3) models, this new tractor range provides increased performance, greater versatility and reduced operating costs. Compared to the CX range, the X60 series introduces two new engine ratings that further expand the tractor power range. In particular, the X60.50...

  • McCormick  - Model MC Series - Tractor

    McCormick - Model MC Series - Tractor

    While having been re-vamped to show a completely new look, the McCormick MC (T3) series has been newly conceived to provide an increasingly outstanding performance and functionality.The restyling work has also affected fenders that are now featuring a newer and more modern design. The new MC series features a stylish and ergonomically designed four-post cab providing utmost comfort and ultimate all-round visibility. Moreover, a roof hatch provides...

Products by Fleming Agri-Products Ltd

  • Fleming Grassland Aerators

  • Bale Handling

  • Fleming - Model BGRAB - Big Bale Grabber

    Fleming - Model BGRAB - Big Bale Grabber

    The Fleming Big Bale Grab is designed to grip a larger proportion of the bale giving a more positive grip and greater protection. The bale grabber has been carefully designed enable it to stack straw bales to a height. It is strong enough to be used on a mechanical handler, or light enough to be used on a tractor loader. This bale grab has a removable locking pin which allows for free movement of both arms for better bale protection when stacking...

  • Compact Range

  • Cultivation Equipment

  • Fleming - Model 4M (LL12) - Folding Landleveller

    Fleming - Model 4M (LL12) - Folding Landleveller

    The Fleming Folding Landleveller is a low maintenance implement used for levelling ploughed ground prior to sowing. The process of levelling also safe guards more expensive machinery from becoming damaged due to protruding stones etc. The Fleming Landleveller range can be used for levelling sand menage's, gallops and for horticultural use as well as being ideal for park maintenance. The Fleming Folding Landleveller with its 3 cutting blades and 1...

  • Fleming Drum Mowers

  • Fleming - Model TOPD - Drum Mower

    Fleming - Model TOPD - Drum Mower

    Designed for small and medium sized farms, with a 2 acres per hour cutting capacity. Drum Mower has a standard working width of 1.65m. Over-run drive-line. 35HP requirement. The 2 drums are equipped with three cutting knives each, for a thorough and even cut. The machine has a protective apron ensuring safe working operation. Easily converted from transport to working position manually. Suitable for Cat 1 & Cat 2 lift arm pins. Drum Mower weighs...

  • Fleming Fertiliser Spreaders

  • Fleming - Model 335L (FS300) & 450L (FS500) - Single Disc Spreaders

    Fleming - Model 335L (FS300) & 450L (FS500) - Single Disc Spreaders

    The Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders are made with the highest quality of materials. They undergo an intense painting process which includes being degrease, then painted with anti-rust, coated with anti-corrosive paint and finally dried at 120 degrees Celsius. This provides the Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders with improved durability and a longer life.

  • Fleming - Model 213L (FSC180T) - Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

    Fleming - Model 213L (FSC180T) - Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

    The Fleming Sitrex Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are for use on green areas and gardens. These small Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are designed for use on small tractors, garden vehicles and other compact machines which do not have a P.T.O shaft. On this particular spreader it is the movement of the wheels through the gearbox which is fitted on the main axle which makes the spreading disc turn. It is the forward speed of the tractor etc. which...

  • Grass Toppers

  • Fleming - In Line Grass Topper

    Fleming - In Line Grass Topper

    The Fleming In-Line Grass Topper Range has a durable and sturdy design which makes it the perfect machine for use on agricultural land as well as for use on playing fields etc. There is currently two models in the Fleming In-Line Grass Topper range. These are the TOP9, 9ft standard model and the TOP9INHD which is also a 9ft only it is a heavy duty model. Please note the Spare Parts List for this machine can be found in the Specification section.