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  • Ndume - Chisel Plough Standard

    Ndume - Chisel Plough Standard

    Chisel-ploughing the Ndume way means: More Acres cultivated with less fuel. Leaves your moisture from the previous season underground - where it should be. Incorporates crop residue into the topsoil where it should be. Eliminates all pans caused by conventional ploughing. Reduces erosion because moisture can penetrate deep down. Leaves your field in a state that means one harrowing is usually enough for a seed bed.

  • Jungle Buster - Gyromower

    Jungle Buster - Gyromower

    No ordinary rotary slasher, this Jungle Buster is extra heavy duty enabling aggressive cutting in all conditions. Options of 48' and 60' cutting widths available. The imported heavy-duty gearbox is designed to give maximum life under real harsh conditions. The large heavy-duty swinging knives of hardened steel are tough enough to hack down and clear thick bush, including small trees, and yet can also handle gentle pasture, mow grass and maize Stover.