Neal Mast & Son Greenhouses, Inc.

Neal Mast & Son Greenhouses takes great pride in being one of the country’s largest growers of premier indoor and outdoor potted plants. We produce floral-quality product and have earned the respect and confidence of our customers by consistently providing them with successful programs for their holiday, and promotional events. Our focus on the end consumer helps ensure that our plants perform well at retail. We are committed to providing our customers with plants that sell better, turn faster and produce higher profits.

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1780 4 Mile Road, NW , Grand Rapids , Michigan 49544 USA

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Neal Mast & Son Greenhouses, Inc. – From Seed to Shelf

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, NMG is a wholesale grower of high-quality indoor and outdoor potted plants. Our current product line consists of holiday plants, flowering indoor, pre-finished spring bulbs, potted spring annuals, garden mums and fall cool crops.  The Mast Young Plant Division produces spring liners, fall seedlings, mum and poinsettia liners.

Having our own young plant division means that from the very beginning, we have oversight, ensuring quality plugs and liners. We have close relationships with many breeders and suppliers and feel investing in research and development is vital to being a sustainable business. Trialing and testing new varieties helps us to develop new, exciting items to bring to our customers.

Mast Young Plants is also home to our spectacular trial gardens. The gardens were designed to allow visitors to judge not only the garden performance of a wide assortment of varieties, but also to gather new ideas on what varieties can be combined. Our display garden is part of the Michigan Garden Tour and open to the public. More than a thousand people visit each year,  giving us ample opportunity to gather information on the most popular and eye-catching favorites.  MYP also has a breeder trial garden where we field test new varieties for our suppliers, giving us an insider’s look at what’s new and exciting.   We also field test finished product under “typical” garden or yard conditions, allowing us to see long-term performance of the items we grow.

Our new ideas don’t end with plant varieties and colors.  Strong relationships with our suppliers enables us to see new packaging, containers, signage and tags.  Our representatives are continuously gathering information for innovative products that would be beneficial for our customers.

Our core company values are based on a simple belief that all people should be treated fairly and with respect.  We understand that our customers, employees, and suppliers are critical partners in making us a great company, and we are committed to running our business in a manner that benefits everyone.  High ethical standards, dedication, hard work, and a commitment to continual improvement are key characteristics of our company.

It’s a simple fact that no business succeeds without its customers. Each of us understands that without you there is no us.  Our greenhouse is made up of people committed to doing what is right.  Everyday, the most important question we ask ourselves is: “What’s the best thing for our customer?”  This basic principle is applied to every decision we make – large and small.


NMG’s Core Values – Our team conducts itself with:

  • Honesty and Integrity– Adhering to an ethical code of conduct and by being fair and straightforward in behavior  and speech.
  • Respect –Treating the people we work with, and the clients we serve with honor and esteem.
  • Accountability –Taking ownership of your work and being responsible to your fellow teammates.
  • Sustainability – Doing the right thing to sustain our business, employees, community and environment.
  • Fun – Injecting a sense of humor into the workplace, being able to laugh at yourself and with others.
  • Adaptability – Being flexible and ready to make changes. Being proactive and looking ahead.
  • Constant Improvement – Our team wins by continually striving for improvement… in product, policy and practice.