Nederlandse Plastic Industrie B.V. (NPI)

Nederlandse Plastic Industrie B.V. (NPI)

NPI has extensive experience with the production of film constructions for water storage for, for example, horticulture, but also for drinking water supplies. Using several different films and systems, NPI always has the right storage system for your specific needs. The different, specially designed, high quality films are successfully applied on a global scale to line steel silos as well as excavated basins. NPI has been an important supplier for professional horticulture, nationally and internationally. Every day, many materials find their way through its dealer network to growers, gardeners, garden centres and municipalities.

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Sinaedawei 10-A , Tzummarum , Friesland 8851 GG Netherlands
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For many years now, NPI has supplied agricultural film. Through the extensive network of dealers, our films have found their way to the end user, both in the area of the 3-layer agricultural films and for the storage and processing of manure.

NPI gained dealerships for binding materials, geotextiles, films and nets, and through that, composed a complete high-quality assortment.

NPI is constantly working to optimise its assortment and to extend it where possible.

Special Products (E)       
Thanks to NPI's extensive machine park, including several high-frequency machines and sewing machines, we are able to create very detailed welded seams and confectionary seams for a wide range of applications in several different kinds of film.

Next to the custom-made swimming pools, covers, hoods and roofs of tents, NPI can, in deliberation with the customer, make just about any desired shape for different applications. 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and inflatable!