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  • Neeralta - Grain Bagger

    Neeralta - Grain Bagger

    Swing auger is mounted on the body of the bagger to reduce set-up time. After arrival in the field the auger can be out and under a trailer in less than 2 minutes. This is possible because the swing auger is fully hydraulic from transport to working position.

  • Neeralta - Grain Extractor

    Neeralta - Grain Extractor

    The revolutionary new design of the Neeralta Grain Extractor is unlike any bag unloader on the market! Handle the plastic the way you would like to - from the extractor straight onto your truck or trailer! No unwinding! No costs for a separate baling machine! It’s ready to put onto the truck as soon as the bag is empty. This unique Neeralta feature allows you to hook up to the next bag and skip the clean-up step that you've become used to.