Neil's Small Engine, Inc. began in April of 1979 in an old garage at 112 West 45th Street, in Cut Off Louisiana. Over the last three decades, we have fought off hurricanes, droughts, economic hardships, and now even oil spills.It is only by the grace of God that we have survived and been successful. In 1998 we built an additional building to house our workshop and to be used as a storage facility. In March of 2003, we obtained a prime location in Larose on Highway 1. In 2004 we purchased our second location at 6462 West Park Avenue in Houma, Louisiana.

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13348 W Main St , Larose , Louisiana 70373 USA

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We have proudly served homeowners and professional cutters in Southeast Louisiana for 35 years.  We maintain a broad selection of outdoor power equipment by some of the finest manufacturers in the business including Gravely, Echo, and Stihl. For four out of the last 5 years  we have been Gravely's Top Consumer Dealer in the world. That's 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. Whenever you are looking for any lawn maintenance equipment, please consider our products and our top notch service.


Service has always been our number one priority. Without great service, we would not have gotten through 33 years of business successfully. A sales department is only as good as its service department.  Having such a great service department allows our sales portion of our business to be greatly successful. We have over 100 years of experience in the lawn and garden service industry within our service staff. We promise that no one will find better service anywhere else.


Sales are reflected by our service, but that does not mean we do not need to have a knowledgeable and up to date sales department. Our sales managers and sales staff are required to know as much possible about each and every product that we provide. We strive to supply each customer with the right product for each individual need. We listen to our customer’s needs and suggest the perfect unit for them. Efficiency and durability are some of our main concerns when selling any of our products.

G.A.P (Gravely Assurance Program):

The Gravely Assurance Program is scaled to provide our commercial customer with the best service to fit their need as a business. Reducing down time for a commercial landscaper is as important as having the most durable equipment possible.  The GAP is a loaner program created by Gravely and it’s dealers,  which states that if a commercial unit is broken down and needs a warranty repair with in the first twenty four (24) months after purchase, and our service department cannot fix the unit within one business day,  the dealer will loan a comparable unit until repair is complete. We think that this program is great, but we thought  'How can we make this program any better?' Well, we did, we decided that the 24hr window is just too long to wait for our customer who make a living using our product. So, we made it four (4) hours. That’s right, if we cannot fix a unit (that is during the warranty period) within 4 hours the customer is entitled to a loaner. This program is one of the reasons why Gravely and Neil’s Small Engine, Inc. are a cut above the rest.