Neptune Pharma Limited

Neptune Pharma Limited

With an experienced core of pharmaceutical, scientific, and commercial specialists, Neptune is establishing itself as a new player in the global aquaculture sector. We seek to grow our market presence in the industry by successful co-operations, product development, and the sales and marketing of our fish treatments.

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Regus House Victory Way, Admirals Park , Crossways , Dartford DA2 6QD United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)

Neptune's growing market presence can be attributed to its strong executive leadership, supported by skilled technical and commercial teams. It's our drive to bring innovation to the table in the form of products for leading aquaculture health problems, as well as to seek out new niches with unmet or under-served needs.

Our team comes from a diversity of professional backgrounds spanning from biomedical engineering, fish nutrition, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to drug development, drug registration, and international business. Our team is skilled and global, with expertise and local knowledge of Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Neptune's mission is to continue to grow its market share in the global animal health industry, with a specific focus on Europe and South America. It seeks to leverage its network of contacts and its pharmaceutical team to bring new or generic products to market, form distribution channels, and search for opportunities, especially for unmet or under-served market needs. 

Our vision is to strengthen our international presence as a major player in the global sector.

Our values are simple: be a leader in the industry by building a reputation as a company that holds itself to the highest professional standard in both the sense of our team and our products.