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  • Consultancy Service

    Consultancy Service

    Nesne Electronics provide project proposal preparation, application and project management concultancy services to different well  known companies in their fields. The main goal in project management and consultancy is to provide maximum benefits to the client by forming effective and efficient project structure, and support the client with necessary follow-up services

  • Product and System Based Mechanic Design and Solutions

    Product and System Based Mechanic Design and Solutions

    Electromechanic, is made up of mechanic sytems controlled by electronic systems.  On the other side, mechatronic systems are the mechanic systems that are  including software. Nesne Electronics conduct projects in electromechanic and mechatronic system designs by combining their expertise and know-how including electronic software and hardware components.

  • Electronics Product Design and Development Services

    Electronics Product Design and Development Services

    Embedded system hardware and software development,Control system design based on microprocessor controller,Motor control systems’ hardware & software design,Heat and speed control systems’ hardware & software design,PID control software for heat and speed,Power stage control system design,Design of communication and interface circuits,Software design for communication protocols,Smartcard, RF-ID system...

  • Software Development Services

    Software Development Services

    Embedded systems’ software development with C, C++, assembly languages Automation Software with PLC,Control,Web Based Programming,Windows Based Programming,Unix Based Programming,Scripting