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  • Calf Colostrum

    Calf Colostrum

    Easy mix colostrum sourced from EBL and Johnes free herds. Calf Colostrum provides high levels of dedicated colostrum, supported by beneficial bacteria that supply health support and an immediate energy boost.

  • Poultry Septi-Clense Powder

    Poultry Septi-Clense Powder

    Poultry Septi-Clense Powder is a wound dressing that helps blood coagulate. It can be applied directly to the affected area, where it covers, protects and aids the natural healing process. It includes gentle skin disinfectants to ensure essential skin hygiene. It is simple and easy to use. Wash the affected area with clean water, open the nozzle then squeeze and puff the powder liberally.

  • Syringe Paste Boost

    Syringe Paste Boost

    Results within 30 minutes of administration. Easy administration when a quick fix is needed, ideal for show bag, lorry or tack room.

  • Nettex - Citronella No-Rinse Wash

    Nettex - Citronella No-Rinse Wash

    Citronella No-Rinse wash can be diluted in warm or cold water and sponged on to remove sweat, dirt and grease from all coat types. Remove excess water with sweat scraper and leave to dry naturally. No need to give a full bath. Use in between competition classes, after exercise or a long, hot day in the field to refresh and restore coat condition