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  • Nettex - Traditional Pig Oil

    Nettex - Traditional Pig Oil

    Provides a lustrous shine for show animals. Prevents coat staining and helps tackle problem lice. Sizes available: 4 x 2 litre (Code 4481) | 4 x 4.5 litre (Code 4479).

  • Cattle & Calves

  • Nettex - Model Roto Corona Plus - Cattle & Calf Nutrition Syringe

    Nettex - Model Roto Corona Plus - Cattle & Calf Nutrition Syringe

    A complementary feed that helps support the newborn calf’s natural defences against the challenges of life. Roto Corona Plus provides newborn and transported calves with highly concentrated digestible energy and bovine proteins to help get them off to a great start. Ideal for administering at times of stress such as transport. Administering one Roto Corona plus syringe soon after birth can help support natural defences to the challenges of...

  • Nettex - Udder Wipes

    Nettex - Udder Wipes

    Formulated to disinfect, soothe and condition sore and cracked udders and teats. Use for the hygiene of the teats and udder before attaching milking plant, as an aid to the control of mastitis and general udder care. Use one udder wipe per cow, having first removed any heavy contamination from the teats.

  • Lamb Colostrum

  • Nettex - Whole Colostrum for Lambs

    Nettex - Whole Colostrum for Lambs

    Easy to mix and easily absorbed palatable formulation. A colostrum blend, targeted for the larger breed, providing energy and support to newborn lambs. Feed when no or insufficient maternal colostrum is available, specially formulated, Whole Colostrum for Lambs contains more energy and support than other colostrum replacers.

  • Pigs

  • Nettex - Piglet Kick Start

    Nettex - Piglet Kick Start

    When piglets are struggling give them a boost with Piglet Kick Start. Piglet Kick Start is a source of energy and nutrients for unthrifty, sick and scouring piglets. Piglet Kick Start is ideal for weak newborns struggling to stand. Ideal for use in newborn piglets through to weaning.