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  • Transport Pneumatic

  • Milling and Mixing

  • NEUERO - Model 103-503 - Grain Crushers

    NEUERO - Model 103-503 - Grain Crushers

    Crushing unit reversible and can be combined in a modular system. Significant extension of the  crushing roll  durability. By changing the direction of rotation. Subsequent expansion into the duo-grain crushers possible. infinitely variable quick adjustment. Infinite adjustment of. Positive drive of both rollers. Low energy consumption. Best crushing quality. Simple, rugged construction. Alternative for tractor drive available

  • Drying

  • NEUERO - Charge Dryer

    NEUERO - Charge Dryer

    Charge Dryer For drying of grain, corn, seed and other bulk materials. Capacity of 5.4 to - 17.6 to. Drying capacity (grain from 20% to 16% ) 0.5 - 3.2 to/h.

  • Belt Dryer

  • Model Type NBT - Belt Dryer

    Model Type NBT - Belt Dryer

    The belt dryer is great for applications where heat energy is released during processes in the low temperature range.This is partly the case in biogas plants. The dryer is ideal for drying of bulk goods such as Digestate (separated), wood chips, grain, corn, corn silage, etc..

  • Cleaning

  • Model AR - Mobile Intake Cleaner

    Model AR - Mobile Intake Cleaner

    Inclined mobile auger with fitted pre-cleaner WR, Ready-to-plug-in. Capacity: 10 to 25 t/h (750 kg/m³). Motors from 0.75 to 2.2 kW.

  • Storage

  • Model NLT - Storage Silos

    Model NLT - Storage Silos

    Made out of galvanzed sheets, 'made in germany' for inside and outside use.Silo diameterfrom 1.79 to 5.36 m.Capacityup to 150 t (780kg/m³),  With hopper bottom,hopper angle36° or 45°.

  • Forage Handling

  • Model NAS - Silo-Top-Unloader

    Model NAS - Silo-Top-Unloader

    This units  handles all kinds of silage as short shopped grass (cutting length up to 10 cm). NEUERO Top-Unloader NAS suitable for small and medium farms is designed for efficient and economic filling and emptying of material from silos and of aboce and below ground tower silos.