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  • Blowers & Sprayers

  • Peco - Model F5 - Typhoon Blower

    Peco - Model F5 - Typhoon Blower

    Designed to outperform any walk-behind blower on the market, with wind velocity of 205+ mph and 2500 cfm's, the PECO F5 TYPHOON blower is unrivaled when it comes to performance and weighs nearly 15 pounds lighter than the closest competition. The F5 Typhoon Blower Features patented blower design and 90 degree sweep action air deflection activated from the blower's handle bars. The F5 TYPHOON leaves the competition blown away.

  • Peco - Model Q0080 - Power Sprayer

    Peco - Model Q0080 - Power Sprayer

    spraying a pleasure with The Original PECO POWER SPRAYER. Our sprayer eliminates hand pumping or lugging a heavy tank on your back. This completely self contained re-chargeable 12-volt electric sprayer is designed with the homeowner and professional in mind. The 14 inch wheels and lightweight aluminum cart make it easy to maneuver over lawn and garden surfaces, and the conveniently located wand is always at hand. The electric pump...

  • Commercial Vacs

  • Vac - Model 36  - Cubic Foot Trailer

    Vac - Model 36 - Cubic Foot Trailer

    The 36 Cubic Foot trailer Vac is designed for the professional and the commercial user in mind. The PECO Pro-Series are easy to use, easy to maintain, and offer a full one year warranty.