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  • Sprayers

  • Berthoud - Model Raptor FC - Self-propelled Sprayer

    Berthoud - Model Raptor FC - Self-propelled Sprayer

    Berthoud’s new self-propelled Raptor ‘Front Cab’ combines perfect vision with outstanding control. The Claas designed Front Cab offers a superb all round vision and is equipped with smooth, vertical elevation for ease of entry and height adjustment to suit individual spraying needs.

  • Berthoud - Model Tenor - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud - Model Tenor - Trailed Sprayer

    TENOR, the new trailed sprayer, is designed to meet the requirements of the future. Safe and easy to operate, greater productivity, ergonomics, ecofriendliness and best spraying practice – nothing has been overlooked in the design of this new machine. New lines, rounded shape, high-performance features in a sprayer which is fully equipped/fully integrated for unmatchable operating ease and convenience. This sprayer complies with the most...

  • Berthoud - Model Sprinter - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud - Model Sprinter - Trailed Sprayer

    The SPRINTER trailed sprayer provides an answer to customers looking for a simple, compact and lightweight machine. Its intelligent architecture has been developed to combine the practical with the economic in a “small format”. The SPRINTER is the ideal choice for a modern technical solution: a compact, light and multipurpose machine. Its small size, its low weight and its compact size makes this a machine which only requires low towing...

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  • Corners, Benders, & DropSpan

  • Valley - Model 30 and 60 - Bender

    Valley - Model 30 and 60 - Bender

    Tree lines and buildings can get in the way of your irrigation operation, taking away valuable acres that could be put into production. Valley® understands this challenge, and it is the reason we offer the Bender product line for center pivots. Our Valley Benders can be easily, and inexpensively, added to your existing or new center pivot to put those acres back into production, which can increase your yields and profitability.The Valley Bender...

  • Valley DropSpan - Center Pivot Linear

    Valley DropSpan - Center Pivot Linear

    Similar to the Valley Benders, our DropSpan option can increase your irrigated acres without purchasing more land. With the DropSpan, you can drop the outer spans of your center pivot or linear, so the rest of your machine can irrigate acres behind barriers at the edges of the field. DropSpan allows you to drop as many spans as necessary, then reattach them as the machine returns.

  • Linears

  • Rainger  - Swing Around Linear

    Rainger - Swing Around Linear

    Our patented Valley Rainger™ linear is ideal for irrigating your large fields. It uses a one-cart platform that is completely customizable to your needs and your operation. Based on your infrastructure, water can be delivered to the Rainger through a ditch (i.e., canal) or a hose (pressured pipeline). This linear has high-flow capabilities, which gives you the right amount of irrigation, no matter what you grow. The Valley Rainger Swing-Around...

  • Valley - Two Wheel Ditch Feed Linear

    Valley - Two Wheel Ditch Feed Linear

    Looking to convert from flood, drip, or side inlet irrigation? Well, you should! Our patented Valley Two Wheel Linear is a great irrigation solution for your smaller fields. You choose how to feed water to the linear cart - either by ditch or hose.Take advantage of existing earthen ditches with the ditch feed option of our Valley Two Wheel Linear. You can get all of the benefits of a small field linear, as well as tow it or swing it around to cover...

  • Universal Linear

    Universal Linear

    With the ability to automatically switch from linear to pivot mode, the Valley Universal linear is designed for swing-around applications. Unlike other swing-around linears, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear mode and pivot mode, allowing you to increase the number of irrigated acres.

  • Sprinklers

  • Nelson  - Model A3000  - Accelerator Sprinklers

    Nelson - Model A3000 - Accelerator Sprinklers

    The Gold Plate provides superior throw and a low application rate, allowing for longer soak time and reduced runoff. Maximizes performance of in-canopy water application. Designed as a low pressure hybrid of Rotator and Spinner technology. Increases rotation speed through the nozzle range to optimize throw distance and droplet characteristics. The Navy plate provides an option for up top applications

  • Orbitor - Model O3000  - Sprinklers

    Orbitor - Model O3000 - Sprinklers

    Provides outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low operating pressures. Bracketless assembly reduces debris hang up and misting. Excellent water application solution from 10-20 PSI (.7-1.4 bar) operating pressure. Universal 3TN quick-change, color-coded plastic nozzle

  • Senninger - Model PSR  - Sprinklers

    Senninger - Model PSR - Sprinklers

    Senninger Irrigation has been developing water and energy efficient sprinklers for more than 50 years. Under the concept of “Low Pressure – High Performance,” Senninger products ensure water is distributed uniformly and with low application intensity – protecting your soil, crops, and savings. With a wide variety of designs available, you can select and customize the product best suited to your individual field, crop, and...

  • Center Pivots

  • Valley - Model 8000 series - Center Pivot

    Valley - Model 8000 series - Center Pivot

    Whether it’s said over coffee at their favorite diner or at the dinner table, Valley growers have called the 8000 series center pivot the “Cadillac” of the pivot industry. It doesn’t matter if your field is large or small, you can rely on our 8000 series pivot to help you manage your farming operation and give you something to talk about. Valley is offering new pivot point riser and lower elbow options. Now...

  • Model 7000 series - Center Pivot

    Model 7000 series - Center Pivot

    Everyone is worried about their budget – that’s a given! The good news is we offer the Valley® 7000 series center pivot that is both easy on your pocketbook and perfect for your field. Our 7000 series pivot is second only to the industry-leading 8000 series for reliability, durability, and overall performance.

  • Valley - Model 5000 series - Center Pivot

    Valley - Model 5000 series - Center Pivot

    You need to maximize yields and acres on small fields, too, and they shouldn't be treated differently than large fields. That's why we offer the Valley 5000 series center pivot, an irrigation machine that is as durable as the 8000 series, but specifically designed for your fields up to 60 acres. Like with all Valley equipment, your local Valley dealer will provide you with premier, reliable service and aftermarket support when you purchase the 5000...