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  • Vines & Fruit Bushes-Dusters

  • Berthoud Win’Air - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud Win’Air - Trailed Sprayer

    Win’air capitalises all of Berthoud's expertise in spraying (Speedair and Supair fans, Airmist diffusers, Easyflo calibration, etc.) combined with a number of significant developments: new fan unit, new generation AB Most sprayers and booms, pneumatic and air-assisted spraying, new electronics, etc.

  • Berthoud Apolo - Trailed Dusters

    Berthoud Apolo - Trailed Dusters

    The Apollo duster combines power, accuracy, a large capacity and robustness. The powder does not go through the fan, The 2 feed screws controlled by a hydraulic variable speed drive ensure absolutely even and accurate powder feed and dosage.

  • Orchards

  • Berthoud Maxair - Mounted Sprayer

    Berthoud Maxair - Mounted Sprayer

    A classic range with a wide choice of capacities and fans according to the type of spraying you wish to carry out:  orchards, vines or mixed fruit bushes.