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  • Sprayers

  • Berthoud - Model Raptor FC - Self-propelled Sprayer

    Berthoud - Model Raptor FC - Self-propelled Sprayer

    Berthoud’s new self-propelled Raptor ‘Front Cab’ combines perfect vision with outstanding control. The Claas designed Front Cab offers a superb all round vision and is equipped with smooth, vertical elevation for ease of entry and height adjustment to suit individual spraying needs.

  • Berthoud - Model Tenor - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud - Model Tenor - Trailed Sprayer

    TENOR, the new trailed sprayer, is designed to meet the requirements of the future. Safe and easy to operate, greater productivity, ergonomics, ecofriendliness and best spraying practice – nothing has been overlooked in the design of this new machine. New lines, rounded shape, high-performance features in a sprayer which is fully equipped/fully integrated for unmatchable operating ease and convenience. This sprayer complies with the most...

  • Berthoud - Model Sprinter - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud - Model Sprinter - Trailed Sprayer

    The SPRINTER trailed sprayer provides an answer to customers looking for a simple, compact and lightweight machine. Its intelligent architecture has been developed to combine the practical with the economic in a “small format”. The SPRINTER is the ideal choice for a modern technical solution: a compact, light and multipurpose machine. Its small size, its low weight and its compact size makes this a machine which only requires low towing...

  • Irrigation systems

  • Valley - Pivot Systems

    Valley - Pivot Systems

    From pivot point to end tower, the entire Valley® structure is engineered, constructed, and field-tested to handle the operating stresses that a grower’s machine may experience. Valley structures stand up to the toughest conditions produced by rough terrain and furrows. Use of a Valley center pivot can result in a reduction in operating costs, a quick return on the initial investment, and the conservation of resources. Valley center pivots...

  • Valley - Linears

    Valley - Linears

    The Valley linear travels back and forth across a square or rectangular field, irrigating up to 98% of the area. Certain linears have the option to tow or swing around, increasing the amount of land irrigated. Valmont Irrigation now offers the Two Wheel Ditch Feed Linear, which is ideal for smaller fields that have existing canals or earthen ditches. Valley linears offer great advantages of coverage and flexibility, and are often viewed as one of the...