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  • Strawberry Cultivars

  • Day-Neutral Strawberry Plants

    Day-Neutral Strawberry Plants

    Day-neutral strawberry plants produce flowers buds regardless of the day length, approximately three months after planting.  They will initiate flower buds during the entire growing season, assuming temperatures do not become too high.  It is generally accepted that day/night temperatures at or above 86/79 are the upper limit at which day neutral strawberries will produce flowers.

  • Camarosa Strawberry

    Camarosa Strawberry

    Camarosa strawberry plant is an early-season short day cultivar.  Fruit is larger and firmer than Chandler, very flat conic, productive, has good appearance, is very firm, has good flavor, and is widely adapted producing fruit over an extended period at low latitudes.  Can be used for fresh-market and processing.

  • Raspberry Cultivars

  • Chemainus Raspberry Plant

    Chemainus Raspberry Plant

    Chemainus raspberry plant is a floricane fruiting red raspberry cultivar that is suited for both the processing and fresh markets.  It is not resistant to raspberry bushy dwarf virus, but appears to have a slower rate of infection than many other cultivars.  Flavor is similar to Tulameen.  Resistant to the aphid Amphorophora agathonica, which vectors the raspberry mosaic virus complex.

  • Blackberry/Raspberry Hybrid Cultivars

  • Tayberry Plant

    Tayberry Plant

    Tayberry plant is a hybrid between raspberry and blackberry, but is generally thought of as a type of blackberry, given its fruit characteristics.  Fruit is large, long, conical, with good flavor, deep to purplish red in color.  Yields are moderate.

  • Boysen Plant

    Boysen Plant

    Boysen is a hybrid between red raspberry and blackberry, but the exact parentage is not known.  Generally thought of as a type of blackberry, given its fruit characteristics.  Fruit are large, soft, dark purple and covered with a dusty bloom.  Flavor is very good, unique.  Trailing growth habit.  High yields.