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NoroGard AB

When it comes to seed treatment, NoroGard can offer a full range of seed treaters. NoroGard is continuously involved in developing seed dressing methods to fit new seed treatment formulations in close collaboration with the chemical companies and universities. We have more than 52 years of experience in manufacturing seed treaters and our competence is constantly being proved in more than 2.500 installations world wide. We are located in Malmö, Sweden where we design, manufacture and develop our treaters to fit your seed treatment needs. We provide treaters with various capacities and advantages. More information on our seed treaters and innovations is provided here on our website, as well as the contact details to our members of Team NoroGard.

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Agnesfridsvägen 184 B7 , Malmö , SE-213 75 Sweden
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The History of Norogard
NoroGard has gone through years and decades of growth, development and innovative seed treatment solutions. It all started in the early 1960’s by a local blacksmith, Joel Rosengren manufacturing continuous seed treaters. In the 70´s a man called Jim Elsworth took a small demo machine of no more than 150 mm in diameter, and made into a fully functioning seed treater. After years of testing, improvements and adjustments, he presented the ‘Rotostat’ to the British Crop Protection Council (BCPC) at the annual Brighton Conference. By then, the Rotostat was growing on the market, shipping to various countries in the world, Poland amongst others in partnership with NoroGard. Later, he decided to sell the company to NoroGard as he recieved a position as the Cheif Technical Advisor for a UN project in Africa.

Taking over the development of the ‘Rotostats’ has brought NoroGard through a great progress. NoroGard was a family run company for many years, located in little town Skurup and run by Joel and his sons. Furthermore, the NoroGard brand was taken over by a mechanical workshop company in Malmö in 2015. NoroGard has gone from a one man company run by Jim Elsworth, to a company with approximately 10 employees. Some of which has been with us for decades.

Today NoroGard is represented by 54 distributors world wide.

To learn more about the history of NoroGard and our seed treaters, klick here to come to our blog posts.

NoroGard is based in Sweden where we develop and have been producing high quality continuous seed treatment equipment since 1965. The NoroGard Batch Seed Treater was the first on the market. We have since then continued the development of the batch treater and high quality seed treatment equipment. Today the NoroGard seed treaters have a sophisticated control system and NoroGard Diaphragm pumps. A keystone at NoroGard is personal service and customisation, we therefore deliver all our seed treaters with personal support world wide. All NoroGard equipment that´s PLC controlled are also connected to internet from the point of installation to give you the ultimate support and quality control.

The NoroGard pumps are one of our innovations developed and made in house and specially designed to perform under tough conditions. The NoroGard Diahragm pump is outstanding in reliability and low maintenance compared to any peristaltic pump on the market. The NoroGard pumps have a pressure equalization for an even flow with less pulses, which insures high dosing accuracy. The NoroGard pumps are also reversible, easy to operate and have a long life cycle.

NoroGard was founded by an old blacksmith who knew how to count every penny, and we still operate within the original culture set forth by our founder. We don’t spend any extra on material, and our engineers make sure that nothing goes to waste. We build our business on relationships and use local suppliers. By not spending extra resources, we save money while saving resources and the environment.

The NoroGard seed treaters are compact and operate within a closed system. This does not only reduce the risk of leakage, but also minimises dust which is beneficial for both the environment and the health of the operator. By using a sophisticated seed treatment applicator, you ensure high quality application and accurate dosage rates. This means you can use extremely low application rates with low tolerances and flow control. NoroGard’s seed treater has dosage rates as small as 50 milliliters per 100 kilograms of seed, or 1.69 ounces per 220 pounds. This significantly changes your bottom line and return of investment. By not over applying products and not wasting water to get an even application, you’re also benefitting the environment. The compact design of our treaters also means less moving parts which makes cleaning and operation easy and with no danger for the operator. The small design also result in less contaminated water entering the ground water system.

Furthermore, the NoroGard seed treaters are built to last for over 20 years which means that all the environmentally beneficial factors that come with a NoroGard treater, also provides a long-lasting investment. Which means that you can be profitable and environmentally friendly!