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  • Potato Equip.

  • Standen - Model Pearson T2 & T3 - Harvester

    Standen - Model Pearson T2 & T3 - Harvester

    The High Performance 2-Row Potato Harvester. T2 is a 2-row, and the T3 is a 3-row tractor trailed potato harvester developed by engineers at Standen Engineering for high output and efficiency with low crop damage. The Standen T2/T3 offers significantly more output. An additional front digger web and a longer sieving web provide a dramatic increase in total web area. VariSep adjustable web step separation, between the digging and sieving webs provides...

  • Standen - Model TSP1900 - Sweet Potato Harvester

    Standen - Model TSP1900 - Sweet Potato Harvester

    Designed with a purpose to increase capacity and provide a gentle handling mechanical harvesting solution for sweet potato growers.  Offering the most gentle handling sweet potato equipment available insures minimal mechanical damage, while increase infield capacity. With its dual boom design, OMEGA separation and SS sizer this innovative harvester is the number 1 choice of growers.

  • Standen - Model SP Series - Pearson Cup Planters

    Standen - Model SP Series - Pearson Cup Planters

    Standen-Pearson SP Series potato planters provide accurate planting; seed spacing, planting depth and soil covering are all carefully controlled for optimum results. Gentle seed handling is ensured by a controlled seed flow to the cups; the moving floor belt is activated when seed is required. STANDEN-PEARSON planters are renowned for their rugged reliability; these planters are designed to give many years trouble free service.

  • Evolution - Harvester/Digger & Windrower Separator

    Evolution - Harvester/Digger & Windrower Separator

    The primary role is to gently separate clod, stones, haulm and loose soil from the following range of fruit, vegetables and alliums (although this list continues to grow): Potatoes, Salad Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, Carrots, Parsnips, Celeriac, Chicory, Swedes, Red Beet, Brussels Sprouts, Flower Bulbs, Apples, Bell Peppers. The Evolution Separator generally works by extracting the debris between 2 contra rotating rollers. The larger...