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  • Coded Wire Tags

  • Model MKIV  - Tag Injector

    Model MKIV - Tag Injector

    The MKIV Tag Injector was developed to handle millions of cycles of tag injections. The tags, which come in continuous wire form on a spool, are automatically cut off, magnetized and injected through a hollow needle. The operator then verifies that the specimen contains a tag by dropping the specimen through a Quality Control Device (QCD) where it flows through a tag detection tunnel. If a QCD  is not available, the magnetic tag can be verified...

  • Handheld Multishot Tag Injector

    Handheld Multishot Tag Injector

    The Multishot Tag Injector is designed to meet the demand for a small, portable, handheld 'field' injector to mark small batches of fish or very large specimens. The Multishot is not intended to replace the MKIV Injector which was developed to handle millions of cycles of tag injections.

  • Single Shot Tag Injector

    Single Shot Tag Injector

    The Single Shot Injector is designed as an inexpensive means of implanting small numbers of Coded Wire Tags (CWTs) for trials of the system and for limited-scale experiments involving only tens or hundreds of animals.

  • Model V - Detector

    Model V - Detector

    The V-Detector operates by detecting small changes in the magnetic field that are caused when a Coded Wire Tagged specimen is moved past the sensors located in the V-shaped sides of the instrument. It is light, rugged and adequately protected to tolerate the usual wet conditions. The detector should be positioned on a firm surface or if you prefer the unit can be mounted using threaded sockets provided.

  • Model T - Wand Detector

    Model T - Wand Detector

    NMT's T-Wand is a rugged Coded Wire Tag (CWT) detector for field use. It is fully waterproof, floats, and is stable in a wide range of temperatures. The T-Wand is a significant advance over the blue Handheld Wand, and we recommend the T-Wand for most field applications that require a portable CWT detector.

  • Quality Control Device (QCD)

    Quality Control Device (QCD)

    The Quality Control Device (QCD) operates as an accessory to the MKIV Coded Wire Tag Injector. After the tag has been implanted by the MKIV injector, the operator drops the fish into the QCD where it flows through a tag detection tunnel. Tagged and untagged fish are automatically sorted through separate outlets. Counters record the quantity of tagged fish. An audible signal alerts the operator when a Mark IV Injector is cycled and the previously...

  • Model R-Series - Tunnel Detectors

    Model R-Series - Tunnel Detectors

    The Rectangular Tunnel Detectors are the largest of Northwest Marine Technology's complement of detectors. The Rectangular Detectors accommodate large, single fish such as salmonids approaching 50 pounds; the continuous flow of fish such as pollock or herring; or batches of fish such as bushels of shrimp or scallops. The detection capabilities of the rectangular technology are superior to any other detector ever produced.

  • Model T13 - Detector

    Model T13 - Detector

    The T13 is the largest of a new line of tunnel-type Coded Wire Tag (CWT) detectors. It maintains the high sensitivity of the earlier R-Series detectors and their ability to detect a tag in any orientation but accommodates a much larger fish.