Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd.

Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd. is a dairy equipment dealer in Ontario that currently has four locations, with the main office just outside of Drayton on a fifty-acre parcel of land, the second one in Woodstock, on three acres, one mile south of the 401, on Hwy 59, the Oakwood shop is located on Skyline Road and most recently we are proud to announce our Eastern Ontario location in Brinston, Ontario. However, this has not always been so.

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37 Drayton Industrial Drive , Drayton , Ontario N0G 1P0 Canada

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)

The Beginning...

Norwell had humble beginnings. The company was started by acquiring a Universal dairy equipment dealership from H & N Dairy Equipment in Walton, which serviced a small but already established customer base. As the business continued to increase, so did the number of employees. In 1989, Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd. was featured in Small Business Magazine as one of the top 50 fastest growing businesses in Canada.

Our Equipment Offerings - Then & Now

Many of the types of equipment offered by Norwell have stayed the same. In its early history, Norwell sold a complete line of milking equipment, dairy and hog stabling, and until 1986, also some manure-handling equipment. With a focus on the needs of the dairy farmer and looking at services already offered locally, the decision was made to drop manure-handling equipment and expand into milk cooling. Norwell thus acquired the Mueller dealership and ventured into refrigeration. In the fall of 1992 the ownership changed from a four-way partnership to a two-way partnership. With these changes and the steady demand to grow in dairy equipment expertise, in the fall of 1997, the hog division was sold through a management buyout to three of Norwell’s employees.

Today, the two-way partnership still exists with a vision of global markets always in the background. To date, sales have been made in Japan, Peru, Mexico, and throughout the European Continent. Never losing sight of a solid local dealership and the necessity of local stability, Norwell has seized opportunities as they have arisen to buy out local dealerships when feasible. In the beginning of 2004, Norwell acquired two of the local DeLaval dealerships thus establishing Norwell as an even greater force in the dairy industry.

Hilco and Jack do not take all the credit for the success of Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd. for themselves. They are quick to point out, “We owe it all to the team effort of the employees here. Without this team effort and the willingness of the employees to always go the extra mile, none of this would be possible.” And if that isn’t enough, they also quickly point to their strong desire to serve God in all they do, trusting that it is God that directs their steps.

Today, Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd. handles a complete line of dairy equipment. Germania/DeLaval milking equipment and after market products, Mueller coolers (new and used), DeBoer & Artexstabling, Pasture mats, and a line of rubber alley mats, along with various other products.

Awards Earned and Changing with the Industry

Norwell can also boast of many awards earned for outstanding achievement and effort. This includes winning the Mueller “Golden Cooler Award” 15 out of the last 17 years. Norwell has also received 4 of the coveted “Installation Excellence Awards” given for outstanding craftsmanship in parlor installation. In 1997, Norwell also received a “Dealer of the year Award” from Germania Dairy Automation, manufacturer of dairy equipment.

With a team of over 80 people, there is still a feeling that more can be done. At Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd., no matter how much is accomplished, there is always a desire to become better informed and better equipped to serve the demands of an ever-changing dairy industry.