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Products by Wheatheart - a brand by Ag Growth International Inc

  • Grain Handling Equipment

  • Wheatheart - Model X100 Series - Grain Handling System

    Wheatheart - Model X100 Series - Grain Handling System

    In order to design the most robust auger we’ve ever built, we utilized our world-class manufacturing facility, highly skilled research and development team and dedicated testing centre. Wheatheart's most popular auger - the X100 is durable and easy to use.

  • Wheatheart - Model GHR Series - Grain Handling Systems

    Wheatheart - Model GHR Series - Grain Handling Systems

    8' diameter  | 31' - 71' lengths | up to 3,000 bph. 10' diameter | 31' - 71' lengths | up to 4,800 bph. Reliable and versatile, the galvanized GHR is built to last. Wear Edge Technology™ to extend the life of the flighting so it lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often – saving time and money.

  • Wheatheart - Model R Series - 10 Grain Auger

    Wheatheart - Model R Series - 10 Grain Auger

    8' diameter  | 36' - 51'  | up to 3,500 bph. 10' diameter | 36' - 51'  | up to 5,500 bph. Wheatheart's straight-line augers are built tough and dependable. They're maneuverable and easy to use. Wear Edge Technology™ to extend the life of the flighting.

  • Fencing Equipment

  • Wheatheart - Model Side Mast - Post Pounders/Drivers

    Wheatheart - Model Side Mast - Post Pounders/Drivers

    All side mast Wheatheart Post Pounders offer 16' of lateral movement coupled with a four-way-tilt mast which allows for 16' of side-to-side movement. This provides added post positioning flexibility and convenience for perfect post placement. Operating the post pounder is made easy with our joystick hydraulic control lever. Activate the two hydraulic tilt cylinders with the conveniently located joystick control. You can direct the four-way-tilt mast...

  • Wheatheart - Model S2000 - Post Pounder

    Wheatheart - Model S2000 - Post Pounder

    Hammer weight of 600 lbs with ballast. Maximum ballast is 280 lbs. Operating distance above ground is 4' - 9'4'. 9' maximum post length. Shipping weight 720 lbs. Side to side ±16° (32° total). Front to back ±17° (34° total). Hydraulic requirement – 7 gpm at 1500 psi. Hydraulic post hugger. 3-point hitch Cat II and III compatible.

Products by Renn Mill Center Inc.

  • Grain Baggers and Unloaders

  • Model REG - Grain Bagger

    Model REG - Grain Bagger

    The unique design features of RENN’s durable, large-capacity Grain Baggers optimize operator efficiency by providing smooth, fast loading of 10’ and 12’ diameter grain bags. The RGB 1016 and RGB 1020 are RENN’s standard Grain Baggers for loading bags 10’ in diameter. For large operations that need to store higher volumes of dry grain, the RENN RGB 1220 is ideal, allowing you to efficiently load a 12’ diameter grain...

  • Model FBU 1014  - Grain Bag Unloader

    Model FBU 1014 - Grain Bag Unloader

    At RENN we understand that loading the grain bag is only part of the story – unloading and recycling the empty grain bag are also crucial steps in the process. RENN has responded to the needs of farmers by drawing on decades of manufacturing experience to design and build Grain Bag Unloaders that are easy to use and offer exceptional plastic management. RENN Grain Bag Unloaders can unload 9’, 10’, and 12’ diameter bags with a...

  • Grain Processing

  • Roller Mills

    Roller Mills

    RENN Roller Mills can be tailored to meet the needs of any grain processing application. We offer two different types of rolls – steel or cast; multiple roll configurations ranging from 4 to 15 grooves per square inch depending on the particle size you require – and a variety of input and discharge options, including our Elevator Discharge or Crimper Mill, Blower Discharge Mill, Conveyor Discharge Mill, Electric Roller Mill, and Auger...

  • Auxiliary Roller Mills

    Auxiliary Roller Mills

    The RENN Auxiliary PTO Roller Mill is specially designed to allow operators to run a Roller Mill and Bagger with one tractor. This convenient way of rolling and bagging grain increases harvest efficiency by reducing manpower requirements, eliminating tractor needs, and saving on fuel consumption. The unique inline system will also allow you to power a Forage Blower and process grain up into upright storage with a single tractor, again saving time and...

  • Model RBA  - Bagger Mill

    Model RBA - Bagger Mill

    RENN Bagger Mills offer the same durability and advanced grain rolling technology of RENN Roller Mills, combined with the smooth and efficient grain bag loading capabilities of a RENN Grain Bagger.

  • Jiffy Products

  • Bale Processor

    Bale Processor

    Ensure palatable feed and soft bedding while reducing feed and bedding costs with the one-of-a-kind Jiffy Bale Processor. Unlike systems that must unroll the bale before shredding, our unique hydraulic cradle rocks bales of any size or shape over the hammers, so the entire cross-section of the bale can be shredded at once. The result is higher feed utilization and softer bedding. The Jiffy Bale Processor’s cradle system constantly and evenly...

  • Model 918 - Heavy Hay Rake

    Model 918 - Heavy Hay Rake

    Made in Canada, the Jiffy hay rake is built heavy to minimize flexing, sag and sway even under the heaviest raking and rougher field conditions. Staying strong and solid while working in the field, this hay rake helps you ensure working height and width won’t budge, allowing you to rake faster and minimizing dirt in the windrow. Our rakes don’t have to be designed light to reduce the cost of overseas shipping so you can relax, knowing you...