The AutoFarm division of Novariant, created in 1999, is known worldwide for its sub-inch accurate, repeatable AutoSteer™ technology. Drawing on its tradition of innovation, AutoFarm continues to introduce new and improved precision ag products. AutoFarm GPS steering solutions continue to provide full crop cycle precision allowing operations such as tillage, planting, chemical and fertilizer application, and harvesting to be performed to maximize crop productivity and yield while minimizing time, labor and material inputs. The accuracy of AutoFarm systems has significant environmental impact by reducing fuel usage and eliminating excess chemical and fertilizer application.

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Novariant is the world’s pre-eminent precision steering solutions company, with a long list of first-to-market innovative products and one of the broadest precision control portfolios in the industry. Novariant steering solutions trace their engineering roots back to Stanford University in 1992 and through continual innovation; our solutions are in use today with tens of thousands of customers in more than 60 countries world-wide. Novariant is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley that is a hub of innovation, technology and is the home to many of world's most valuable companies and renowned universities.

Novariant provides precision positioning technologies, intelligent sensor & control systems, advanced steering hardware and applications software which combine to deliver integrated machine control solutions. Novariant technology provides interoperable steering solutions for Agriculture, Automotive, Construction and other control technology in emerging market segments that require a high level of accuracy, consistency, and availability.

Novariant comes to work each day knowing it is not about us, it is about you and your success is our success. The number one priority here is our customers and we are transforming the whole idea of customer service into customer care. We understand that rapidly changing environments require information, strategies, and teamwork that help customers maintain competitive advantage in their industries.
Novariant, just like with our advanced solutions, is continually innovating new customer care tools, services, and business processes designed to drive our customer’s efficiency and competitiveness. Our customers have immediate access to online tools, e-learning modules for training, and multiple levels of care to support their most critical business demands.

Novariant understands it is best to do one thing really well. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best precision steering solutions possible. We’ve been able to solve the complex problems and provide continuous improvements as precision steering is a hard challenge. We will continue to listen to our customers and anticipate their not yet articulated needs, and meet them with advanced solutions and services that set new standards as a starting point not an end point.

1994 Novariant is Founded

Novariant is founded under the name IntegriNautics, born from the prestigious Stanford University GPS Laboratory to commercialize the RTK GPS steering system for ground vehicles. The company later changes its name to Novariant in 2004.

1995 Hands-free Landing of Boeing 737

Founders use RTK GPS technology for the first hands-free operation of a commercial airliner (Boeing 737) from take-off through landing using only GPS-based sensors. This was also the first use of pseudolite infrastructure technologies on a commercial aircraft.

1999 Launch of the Agricultural Division

The AutoFarm division of Novariant is formed, known worldwide for its sub-inch accurate, repeatable AutoSteer™ technology. Drawing on its tradition of innovation, Novariant launches the first commercial GPS automated steering system in North America.

2001 Release of World's First RTK Autosteering System

Novariant releases GPS 5001 RTK AutoSteer™, world's first autosteering system for tractors offering sub-inch steering accuracy.

2002 Introduction of Multi-Antenna GPS Receiver

Introduction of the patented Quasar multi-antenna GPS receiver offering superior tilt compensation and steering performance compared to gyros, accelerometers, and other inertial sensors.

2005 Launch of A5 AutoSteer™ and OnTrac Steering Systems

Novariant launches the A5 AutoSteer System - a CAN-based vehicle steering platform which simplifies installation and eliminates the clutter of in-cab electronics. In the same year, Novariant releases OnTrac mechanical drive steering - the first truly universal system for hands-free assisted steering and a cost-effective solution for improving farm productivity.

2008 Release of OnTrac2 Assisted Steering

Novariant releases OnTrac2 GPS Assisted Steering System with 'Lock 'n Roll' convenience that eliminates the need to remove the steering wheel for installation.

2009 ParaDyme® Integrated Steering Launched

Novariant launches the ParaDyme product line, the most advanced precision farming system to date. ParaDyme is the first totally integrated precision farming system that includes a dual-antenna GPS/GNSS steering solution, 2-way wireless communications and remote real-time services. The ParaDyme goes to win AE50 outstanding innovations awards in 2010.

2012 Introduction of GeoSteer® Automatic Steering

Novariant introduces GeoSteer, a single antenna system to complement its widely acclaimed dual antenna system ParaDyme. GeoSteer is compatible with a full range of field applications from tillage to planting, crop spraying and harvesting.

2012 Announcement of Refined OEM and VAR Focus

Novariant announces its decision to focus its business on providing tailored solutions for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and VAR (Value Added Reseller) partners across the globe. Pursuing this strategic shift, Novariant also announces partnerships with key players in a variety of industries, combining Novariant's advanced steering capabilities with each partner's unique expertise.

2013 Introduction of SimpleSteer® Tablet-Based Steering

Novariant introduces revolutionary SimpleSteer, the world's first tablet-based autosteering display solution. The SimpleSteer software from Novariant converts a commercial tablet to a command and monitoring post for the autosteering operation. SimpleSteer is awarded AE50 outstanding innovation award in 2014.

2014 Launch of ECU-S1 Steering Platform

Novariant launches ECU-S1 steering platform that can interoperate with any GPS/GNSS source, multiple partner displays and can work with over 800 different vehicle types and /models. This new steering platform provides utmost flexibility and customization for OEMs and VARs