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  • Model Sensor Cyl - Cylinders

    Model Sensor Cyl - Cylinders

    The Sensor Cyl series allows the earth moving machines manufactures to use a particular cylinder that allows to check the position instantly.This simplifies various machines where the parallelism control of a structure and the end of stroke control are fundamental.These systems are mainly used on aerial platforms and on fork lifting systems; they can also be used in steering systems of machines that need to adapt their balance to the ground during...

  • Model Suzzara Cyl - Cylinders

    Model Suzzara Cyl - Cylinders

    SUZZARA CYL LINE ENSURES A GOOD FIT, WHICH ALWAYS ALLOWS A PERFECT WORKING POSITION. The products are available in different classes tailored to the different needs of agricultural businesses. The technology used in the line SUZZARA CYL is based on a double-acting cylinder complete with special bottom with double valve integrated that prevents any impact transferred from the hydraulic system of the...

  • Model Rotax Cyl - Cylinders

    Model Rotax Cyl - Cylinders

    ROTAX CYL EXPRESSES THE BEST IN TERMS OF PRODUCT ENGINEERING, COMBINING AXIAL AND ROTATING MOVEMENT. This technology is used by the main manufacturers of agricultural machinery for harvesting. It can combine the characteristics of the other lines, especially the line ICE CYL using materials suitable for lowest temperatures.

  • Model Steering - Cylinders

    Model Steering - Cylinders

    This cylinder is used for applications on steering axles. The piston is fixed using a medium frequency generator with pyrometer to guarantee the maximum reliability . The Induction Hardened chrome rod to ensure a mechanical resistance when the component is subjected to axial and radial loads. this material is an additional safety factor when the cylinder is exposed to external shocks due to rocks or debris that may damage the surface of the piston...

  • Model Aisi Cyl - Cylinders

    Model Aisi Cyl - Cylinders

    AISI CYL LINE HAS BEEN DEVELOPED TO SATISFY THE MOST DEMANDING REQUESTS IN PARTICULARLY AGGRESSIVE FIELDS OF APPLICATION WHERE CLIMATIC EXTERNAL AGENTS COMPROMISE THE DURATION OF STANDARD HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS. A severe final testing reproduces the normal working conditions of cylinders and the care taken in the choice of materials and seals used provide maximum technology in the field which the hydraulic cylinder are required reliable...