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  • Prop Agitators

  • 3 Point Maxi Prop Agitator

    3 Point Maxi Prop Agitator

    Perfect solution to agitating covered pits 8-12 FT deep (fits 4’ x 4’ hole). 3 PT Hitch with hydraulic flex beam for 30-40° of operation. Multiple Prop Options meet many HP and RPM specifications.

  • Vertical PTO Pumps

  • Magnum Vertical PTO Pump

    Magnum Vertical PTO Pump

    140 HP+ Model for Commercial Scale Farms & Hauling Operations. Hydraulic Controls for Optional Nozzle Agitation & Valves. 8' Manifold for 7000 GPM. Pictured with Optional Double Valve Outlet. Heavy Duty Gearbox and Hitch Assembly for Maximum Durability.

  • Standard Vertical PTO Pump

    Standard Vertical PTO Pump

    50 - 120 HP Model for Traditional Dairy Operations & Standard Use. Manual Controls for Optional Nozzle Agitation & Valves. 6' Manifold Handles Standard Operation Demands. Lighter Duty Pump for Easy Transport.

  • Multi-Depth Vertical PTO Pump

    Multi-Depth Vertical PTO Pump

    The Most Flexible Vertical Pump. Trailer Frame for Easy Mobility. Services 6' to 14' Pit Depths. Custom Build Options for all your Custom Needs.