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  • Magnum Piston Pump

    Magnum Piston Pump

    A time-tested combination of originality, dependability, and ruggedness.   When the original manure pump was built in 1971, the Nesseth family barn was housing 50 cows. 40 years later, the same principles apply to the current N-TECH Magnum Piston Pump. The product has grown in size and many improvements have been made to deliver the best, most reliable pump in the business.

  • Prop Agitators

  • 3 Point Maxi Prop Agitator

    3 Point Maxi Prop Agitator

    Perfect solution to agitating covered pits 8-12 FT deep (fits 4’ x 4’ hole). 3 PT Hitch with hydraulic flex beam for 30-40° of operation. Multiple Prop Options meet many HP and RPM specifications.

  • Electric Swivel Prop Agitator

    Electric Swivel Prop Agitator

    Best for Small Reception Pits or Small Tanks. Electrically or Hydraulically Driven. Multiple Power Pack Options Available. Mounted on Turret for Flexible Depth and Angle of Agitation. Swivel Mount Locks in Place. Marine Bearing for Easy Serviceability, Self-Lubricating. Concrete Hardware Provided.

  • Vertical PTO Pumps

  • Magnum Vertical PTO Pump

    Magnum Vertical PTO Pump

    140 HP+ Model for Commercial Scale Farms & Hauling Operations. Hydraulic Controls for Optional Nozzle Agitation & Valves. 8' Manifold for 7000 GPM. Pictured with Optional Double Valve Outlet. Heavy Duty Gearbox and Hitch Assembly for Maximum Durability.

  • Multi-Depth Vertical PTO Pump

    Multi-Depth Vertical PTO Pump

    The Most Flexible Vertical Pump. Trailer Frame for Easy Mobility. Services 6' to 14' Pit Depths. Custom Build Options for all your Custom Needs.