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  • Fish Feed

  • Selko - Fylax Forte

    Selko - Fylax Forte

    Fylax Forte is significantly more effective at controlling moulds on compound animal feeds and their raw materials than industrial standard products and other currently available mould inhibitors. It delivers the same shelf life while saving at least 15% in costs. Fylax Forte is based on research at the Ingredient Research Centre of parent company Nutreco and at the laboratory of Selko Feed Additives.

  • Skretting  - Active Nutrition

    Skretting - Active Nutrition

    Active Nutrition is the basis for all Skretting’s fish feeds. Each component in our fish feed is there for a specific reason, to perform a particular action that contributes to the health, welfare and growth of the fish at that time and in the prevailing environmental conditions.

  • Animal Nutrition

  • Milkiwean  - Piccolo

    Milkiwean - Piccolo

    Supplementing small weaned piglets.Supplementing large litters (> 12 piglets/sow).Reducing mortality.Increasing feed intake before weaning.Improving start and growth after weaning.Stimulating the development of the gastro-intestinal tract

  • Milkiwean  - Granito

    Milkiwean - Granito

    Granito is a weaning feed in meal, crumble or pellet. Piglets weaned at > 6 kg.A smooth transition at weaning

  • Sloten - Colostrum

    Sloten - Colostrum

    It is vitally important to feed unlimited colostrum within the first 20 minutes of birth. This will maximise the calf's resistance and allow it to further develop into a strong animal. The four Fs rule applies to colostrum: