The global population increases 50% in the next 4 decades. Livestock production and aquaculture has never been more challenging. Limited availability and changing quality of raw materials challenges intake, growth and performance. Growing customer awareness and governmental regulations, especially related to health & safety, challenge your business. As manufacturer of state-of-the-art feed additives for more than 50 years we know the agricultural market. Still every day we are passionate about our work. Our ambition is to be our customers’ first choice in palatability, mycotoxin management and digestive performance. Every day our people work on finding ways to improve your production. Nutriad is big enough to service customers around the world yet small enough to develop a personal relationship with them.

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Hoogveld 93 , Dendermonde , 9200 Belgium
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Being active in more than 80 countries, we understand the global issues thoroughly. The experience of our dedicated local product specialists is available for you. In direct contact with you, we create the best practical solutions for today and tomorrow.

At Nutriad we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. People whose passion and personal values drive our company’s performance all over the world.  Meet some of our team members that help shape Nutriad across the world.


Sometimes alongside high ways you can read signs like “No Farmers No Food.” All throughout history farmers have played a crucial role in feeding the world’s growing population. Providing our communities with products ranging from fruit and vegetables to milk, meat and eggs.

Producing food in a sustainable way, taking care of animals, striving for fair income and complying with regulations, while taking care of a family, is a huge responsibility.

At Nutriad we recognize, value and understand their needs. That’s way our people visit farms frequently and try to develop answers that matter.


Owning and controlling multiple stages of production allows integrations around the world to control costs and use economy of scale.

It also provides them with the responsibility of following feed, food-producing animals and food through all stages of production, processing and distribution.

Price pressure on end products and elevated dietary costs demand for high quality feed additives that enhance performance and health of animals at a fair price.  That’s where Nutriad comes in.

Working closely with nutritionists, veterinarians and purchasers is our view of an integrated approach.


At Nutriad we see the importance of vets increasing day by day.

Not only do they help protect animal health by examining, diagnosing and intervening in diseases.  Vets also help protect human health by inspecting meat and poultry products and improving sanitation.

Finally vets investigate disease outbreaks in order to develop new ways and technologies to cure sick animals and avoid new outbreaks.

Nutriad staff all over the world speak to veterinarians every day. We cooperate closely with them in order to develop solutions that strengthen the animal defense system and reduce the use of antibiotics.

Healthy Animals Healthy Food.


Creating the best possible diet for specific species is what drives feed millers around the world.  Always on the lookout for innovative products to address the changing needs of their customers.

Quality feed starts with quality ingredients. Nutritionists combine these into a wide variety of formulations for all species at all life stages.

Nutriad supports feed mills in their drive to produce safe animal feed with high accessible nutritional values at the best price.

Feeding the world starts with feeding animals.


Nutrient premix are mixtures of functional ingredients and additives for livestock and aquaculture. In different climatological circumstances pre-mixers around the world produce standard and tailored formulations. Species, weather conditions and geographical locations may vary, the challenge of providing a balanced formulation is the same all over the world.

As dietary costs increase and the availability of good quality raw materials are not always a given, feed additives can provide a solution for balancing formulations and support animal performance. At Nutriad we have the experience, knowledge and passion to help provide such a solution.


For an animal to perform well, it should have access to a good tasting, good smelling and healthy diet. After all, animals are our customers too.

In our view animals are very much aware of what is good for them and what is not. At Nutriad we feel it all starts with feed intake. We have acquired extensive knowledge and know how in creating animal sweeteners for animals.

Feed intake and health is only part of the story. Preservation, mycotoxin control and digestion are other issues that need to be managed.


Our sector feeds billions of people every day. Consumer awareness of food and food production methods is growing.  It drives consumption behavior and regulation.

The stakes are high as the world needs safe, high quality food at an affordable price. That involves everyone in the supply chain. At Nutriad we are very much aware of that challenge.

By focusing on new products and methods that enable cost effective, responsible and sustainable production for animals, people and the environment we contribute to today’s challenges.

Nutriad: Applying Nature.

From product development to manufacturing technologies and problem solving: our constant aim for continuous improvement is supported by dedicated technical facilities and laboratories in Belgium, UK and USA.

Our production facilities include the most modern techniques for spray drying, spray cooling & coating and emulsion technology. All of them developed to improve and support the functionality of our products. Different manufacturing processes protect active components during feed production and allow target release: delivering nutrients where and when it is needed most.

We take our responsibility in the global food chain very serious. Every ingredient we use is carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards. All of our manufacturing facilities operate to the highest possible quality standards and systems that are independently audited to ensure full traceability and product integrity.

Our business is not just a matter of taking orders and dispatching goods. Our business is about developing and building long term partnerships with our customers. We move with our customers as they develop in response to market changes, anticipating to new trends, developing specialized products and constantly improving service and quality.