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  • Grain Accounting

    OAKLAND Grain Accounting offers the flexibility to meet the changing demands of the grain industry, with easy-to-read settlements and reports for customers, managers, and auditors.

  • Oakland - Grain Manager Software

    Oakland - Grain Manager Software

    OAKLAND Grain Manager supports multiple locations, provides separate or combined daily position records, long & short, and report detail information. Grain Manager provides integrated Contracts, Receipts, Scale Tickets, Settlements, Discount Schedules, Position Reports, Direct Delivery, & Check Printing. There is an optional Trucker Payables module to manage third party trucker's payments, by the scale ticket.

  • Oakland - Grain Scale Software

    Oakland - Grain Scale Software

    OAKLAND interfaces to multiple scale programs to eliminate the extra work associated with posting tickets manually and prevent errors resulting from mistakes made during manual entry. The OAKLAND Scale Interface electronically receives scale ticket information into Grain Manager, steamlining the process of getting weights and measures from the scale into the OAKLAND System.

  • Oakland - Patronage Manager Software

    Oakland - Patronage Manager Software

    The Patronage Manager accumulates data from each module of the system. Many reports and payout options are at your fingertips. The different types of payouts include an allocation based on customer business throughout the year, stock payouts from their current stocks, interest payouts, dividend payouts or forced payouts to name just a few.

  • Data Services

  • FarmerData - Portal Support Software

    FarmerData - Portal Support Software

    Our FarmerData portal supports your customers with access to their grain and accounting information online and is available anywhere they have Internet access, at  FarmerData.com.