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  • Kubota - Model F2680E - Lawn Mower

    Kubota - Model F2680E - Lawn Mower

    Whatever your mowing application, there’s a Kubota F-Series mower that can do the job with power, precision, and efficiency. The line of three revamped models includes the F3990 with the highest-ever horsepower among all Kubota front-mount mowers. And all offer powerful yet more economical and cleaner performance, greater safety, easier maintenance, superior operator comfort as well as a higher level of productivity and reliability making them the right...

  • Vermeer - Model CCX770 - Cob Harvester

    Vermeer - Model CCX770 - Cob Harvester

    The Vermeer CCX770 cob harvester is a pull-type cob collection wagon that revolutionizes corn harvesting by enabling farmers to harvest both corn and cobs — separately and simultaneously — in one pass. The self-contained CCX770 cob harvester is designed to tow immediately behind select qualified corn harvesting combines to collect and unload the cobs. Because it's self-contained—a bolt-on hitch assembly is required for the combine—with its own engine,...