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  • Flat Bottom Silo

    Flat Bottom Silo

    Being aware that high-quality production is only possible by specialized personnel, modern production techniques and full-automated production, OBIAL zinc-plated steel silos and conveyance equipment are designed by the product development/design department to address all grain storage requirements and produced accordingly. High-quality zinc-plated metal sheets used in silo production resist 450 MPA and are corrosion-resistant. The custom produced...

  • OBIAL - Conical Bottom Grain Storage Steel Silos

    OBIAL - Conical Bottom Grain Storage Steel Silos

    OBIAL conical bottom grain storage steel silos can be used for multiple purposes. Conical bottom steel silos’ conical bottom angles are produced at 45-65 degrees according to the type and flow characteristics of grain to be stored. Conical bottom steel silos can especially be used in animal farms handling storage operations of various types of grains, and in facilities including feed and flour mills. They are also optimum for short-term and...

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    OBIAL bucket elevators economically carry the grains vertically. The elevator system is designed for grains and is designed for the heaviest working conditions.

  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    OBIAL chain conveyors are available with capacity ranging from 45 up to 500 t/h. OBIAL chain conveyors transport the grain horizontally or angularly, free of damage and in an economical way.

  • Multipath Distributors System

    Multipath Distributors System

    Produced from zinc-coated sheets, OBIAL multipath distributors are used in distributing the grains and are located under the upper cap of the elevator. Thanks to its insulated structure, it doesn’t permit release of dust. Screw assembly system is used on all joints of the distributor. The flow path of grains may be set as desired using a switch. OBIAL distributors are being produced with a capacity and strength to ensure problem-free operating...

  • HELEZON - Lower Discharge Conveyor

    HELEZON - Lower Discharge Conveyor

    The lower discharge conveyor helps the grains in the silo to be conveyed out of the silo. Thanks to the lids over the conveyor system and the mechanism commanding these lids, the silo can be safely discharged. The command centre first opens the central lid, not letting other lids to be opened. After the flow from the central lid ends, the other intermediate lids are opened. The conveying system is produced from zinc-plated sheets. The power is...