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  • Rock Ore

    Rock Ore

    OCP has a leading position in the global market for phosphate, including the market for rock with more than 30% of world trade. OCP operates in 3 phosphate rock deposits: Khouribga mines, Gantour (including mines in Benguerir and Youssoufia) and Boucraâ.

  • Phosphate Acid

    Phosphate Acid

    An intermediate product between phosphate rock and fertilizers, phosphoric acid is produced from original ore and sulfuric acid.Purified phosphoric acid  is used in food and industrial applications.

  • Di-Ammonium Phosphate DAP Fertilizers

    Di-Ammonium Phosphate DAP Fertilizers

    It is the result of phosphoric acid transformation: DAP (most commonly used binary fertilizer), TSP (full phosphate fertilizer), MAP (binary fertilizer consisting of two fertilizing agents: phosphorus and nitrogen) and NPK (ternary fertilizer made of three elements: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium). OCP also introduced a new range of phosphate products to the market, based on a high performance, sustainable agriculture approach: Performance...

  • Performance Phosphate Products

  • PPP - Soluble Fertilizers

    PPP - Soluble Fertilizers

    Irrigation Systems: PPP-Soluble Fertilizers are used for high value crops specifically for irrigated systems. They ensure efficient use of fertilizers, thus considerably enhance agricultural productivity and reduce water consumption. These fertilizers are well-suited to new micro-irrigation and sprinkler systems.