Ocrim S.p.A.

Ocrim S.p.A.

Ocrim S.p.A.

Ocrim, since its foundation, has been involved in the milling industry, thanks to the passion of its founder, the Recipient of the Order of Merit for Labour Guido Grassi. The strenght of all the people who believe and have believed in Ocrim, from the various owners followed over the years to all the workers, enabled the company to specialise itself in the supply of wheat and corn milling plants, feed mills and cereal processing systems in general, also and above all, starting from 1982, with the `turnkey` formula that has definitely led it to be recognised as a great multinational company worldwide. The strength of Ocrim consists in knowing how to manage every stage of the production process in-house: research, design and production of all the parts that make up the plant take place in our headquarters in Cremona. Here all the components, which we then transport, assemble and test all over the world, come to life.

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Via Massarotti 76 , Cremona , 26100 Italy
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The 'Working Heads' writing that stands out in the production department of Via Massarotti headquarters contains an important concept, completely dedicated to the people who create and produce using their hands and their head.

What we do

And finally, we train the customer's employees in order that they acquire the skills and become independent in managing the plant. It’s only thanks to all the necessary expertise that one can provide the best possible result to customer.

Ocrim is a company that strives to assure high technology, reliability, design and Italian quality. Ocrim, through its products and its skilled personnel, exports the Italian Made brand worldwide. For Ocrim team it’s fundamental to witness and document its production and logistics process that is based on the pursuit of quality and design, as real unwritten laws of the Italian culture and in particular of a company that conceives the production exclusively in-house.

The new corporate pay-off “Walk The Italian Way”, which replaced “Your Italian Partner” in 2015, is the result of a series of production and financial actions that Ocrim has undertaken, thus becoming a key part of the agri-food supply chain. In fact, the partnerships with Bonifiche Ferraresi S.p.A. and Ghigi 1870 S.p.A. have enabled Ocrim to complete the agri-food supply chain, under the banner of the Italian Made concept. “Walk The Italian Way”, from the field to the finished product.

The Ocrim S.p.A. top management undertakes to pursue a policy that places the customer at the centre of the activities.

Customer satisfaction is pursued by offering and adapting all processes to his particular needs (implicit and explicit) and monitoring the achievement of goals agreed in the contract phase.

The customer assumes a central role for the success of Ocrim S.p.A.: it is important to know him thoroughly, create products in compliance with his needs and create a high level of satisfaction.

Ocrim S.p.A. targets, concerning the Quality Management System, are:

  • satisfaction of the parties concerned (customers, employees, suppliers);
  • compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
  • attention in the communication with customers;
  • image and reputation improvement on the market;
  • development of human resources;
  • compliance with the environment and environmental legislation in force;
  • compliance with safety regulation at work;
  • manage all processes and activities according to the Quality Management System oriented to the concept of risk-based thinking.

With the achievement of these goals, Ocrim intends to create a company that is strongly focused both on its customers and, in general, on the parties concerned and increase its effectiveness on the market.