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  • Louvres & Hoods

  • Octagon - Crop Storage Louvres

    Octagon - Crop Storage Louvres

    Octagon Crop Storage Louvres provide efficient control of airflow. Our louvres are designed to provide efficient airflow for all sizesof crop stores. The frame and each blade is manufactured from 16swg Zintec. The blades are mounted on coated pins, which move in modern bearings. The blades are driven from the centre to ensure positive blade closure. Included is 25mm Styrofoam insulation fixed to each blade, and the surrounding louvre frame. Each blade...

  • Octagon - Galvanised/Steel Hoods

    Octagon - Galvanised/Steel Hoods

    The hoods are frame sized to match with either OCTAGON MAXFLO or OCTAGON CROPSTORE LOUVRES or as stand alone units. Available in a 450, 600 or 900 format. Manufactured from galvanised steel, fitted together with stainless steel pop rivets Fitted with bird mesh to prevent ingress of birds and vermin. These can be supplied in Zintec for colour matching to external sheet colour.