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  • Flame Weeding

  • Orcharding


    The flame weeding technique may be applied using different methods and with different types of equipment depending on the problems to be tackled in orchards, vineyards or kiwi groves. Operation modes and speed, and therefore costs of the execution, depend on how much weed has grown and spread and the type of operation to be implemented.

  • Breeding


    To burn waste present on the floor once litter is removed by sweeping. This operation disinfects those surfaces treated by eliminating insects, mould and microorganisms responsible for the various poultry pathologies. The burners fitted to the side of the equipment make it possible to disinfect side walls up to a height of 60 cm from the floor by means of the flame.

  • Horticulture - Extensive Farming

    Horticulture - Extensive Farming

    The fields of application of flame weeding are manifold. The maximum benefits attained are higher added value on the cultivated product due to the use of a 100% eco-friendly flame weeding technique. Besides, this technique can be repeated several times on the same crop and soil. It can also be applied relatively frequently (every 20-30 days) without causing any damage to either crop or soil. Considering all these facts, it is clear why flame weeding...