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  • Layer Hens

  • Space - Model A - Layer Hens

    Space - Model A - Layer Hens

    The batteries SPACE A produced by OMAZ are particularly suitable for hot climates or for all situations where, in houses intended for breeding, we resort to natural ventilation. The particular shape of the battery SPACE A makes possible to obtain, for the hens, a 360° ventilation.

  • Space - Model S-L - Layer Hens

    Space - Model S-L - Layer Hens

    Unceasing innovation is our constant purpose because OMAZ considers the quality of materials the starting point for the creation of layers batteries standing out for research and functionality. The batteries for layers “SPACE” were designed and produced for a long-lasting result, merging the design to the most modern technology, easiness of use and care for particulars. The batteries “SPACE” were designed in obedience to...

  • Space - Model XL - Layer Hens

    Space - Model XL - Layer Hens

    SPACE XL is the exclusive battery that OMAZ conceived and designed for the rearing of laying hens in enriched colonies. The battery SPACE XL is designed and built to last, combining design with the most modern technology, the ease of use and attention to detail. The battery SPACE XL can be easily examined and inspected and all the structural components within the cage stimulate the natural behavior of the hens themselves even if more numerous and in a...

  • Other Products

  • Euro - Model P60 - Pullets

    Euro - Model P60 - Pullets

    The “Euro-P60″ is OMAZ battery for pullets, the result of a careful study aimed at creating an efficient and long-lasting product. The battery shows a compact structure due to the use of supporting feet each 104.6 cm.

  • Omaz - Broilers

    Omaz - Broilers

    “Broiler Space” is the latest working out of OMAZ battery for broilers. It is the result of many years of experience and of a careful realization-oriented research for an efficient, functional and exclusive battery. The battery “Broiler Space” was designed and produced for a long-lasting result merging the design to the more modern technology, quality of used materials and care for particulars.