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  • Cattle Division

  • Metallic Structures

    Metallic Structures

    OMVE metallic structures are the quickest and most flexible system for constructing both new stalls and extending or renovating existing cattlesheds. The preparation of our staff, today enables us to find solutions in the most diverse fields and constitutes an unequalled wealth of experience and expertise, which allows us to provide the ideal answer to every problem in the shortest possible time.

  • Resting Stall Dividers

    Resting Stall Dividers

    Tranquil resting and respect for the wellbeing of your animals is at the heart of the production of these sturdy galvanised steel elements for dividing resting stalls and optimising access. OMV dividers are dimensioned for installing with straw bedding, sawdust, mattresses, and rubber matting.

  • Cattle Division- Cleaning Systems

  • Folding Scrapers

    Folding Scrapers

    Studied and built to reclaim spaces and prevents the dangerous smoothing of floorings. Over 20 years experience gives us the knowledge to develop these models in step with evolution of the environments in which they are installed. Over the years, OMVE has installed over 1,000 scrapers ranging from 2 to 20 metres in width, throughout Europe, achieving first-class operational recognition.

  • Butterfly Scrapers

    Butterfly Scrapers

    Butterfly scrapers with articulated wings, ideal for passages without straw for farmed animals. On their return path, these scrapers close their “wings” in the middle avoiding any mobility problems for the animals.

  • Cattle Division- Effluent Storage and Treatment

  • Cattle Division- Equipment

  • Model Euro 10  - Drinking Trough

    Model Euro 10 - Drinking Trough

    Euro 10 – Drinking trough with water plug from above or below. Fitted with high water capacity valve. Plug for cleaning.

  • Model S - Footbath

    Model S - Footbath

    The surfaces are nest-shaped enabling optimum disinfestation of the animal’s feet. Dimensions: 90 x 220 cm. Height 15cm. Capacity 200L.

  • Electric Rotary Brushes

    Electric Rotary Brushes

    Cleaning the coat removes parasites and improves the subcutaneous blood circulation with a pleasant massage, thus increasing the animal’s wellbeing. Dimensions: 50 x 100 cm.

  • Model Super  - Cages for Calves

    Model Super - Cages for Calves

    Raised weaning cage up to 50-60 days. Dimensions: 1.20 x 1.40m. Can be arranged in continual battery cages up to 5 cages and more. Made of square tubing with special self-discharging galvanised grilled base, 6mm thick laminated plastic waterproof walls, and ecological asbestos cement cover or polyurethane panel. Galvanised steel front gate, complete with feeding bottle for colostrum, milk bucket and stainless steel fodder-trough.

  • Model Super JOLLY - Cages for Calves

    Model Super JOLLY - Cages for Calves

    Calf weaning cage up to 90-100 days, Dimensions: 2.10 x 1.20 m. Can be arranged in battery cages up to 5 cages and more. Made of square tubing with self-cleaning grilled front flooring, rear resting stall lowered to contain the straw, in galvanised steel; 6mm thick laminated plastic waterproof walls. Rear up-and-over door for cleaning and disinfesting the resting stall moving the calf to the front of the cage. Cover with a polyurethane...

  • Ground Level Calf Weaning Cubicle

    Ground Level Calf Weaning Cubicle

    Ground level calf weaning cubicle, in batteries of 4 units (other arrangements possible). Dimensions: 380 x155-175-190 cm. Suitable for animals up to 50-60 days. Steel frame, hot galvanised after machining with upper hook for lifting. Side coating and polyurethane panel cover and covered in galvanised sheet metal pre-painted white/grey.