OnFarm was founded in Fresno CA, the heart of the richest agricultural region in the world. This is where our founder learned first hand that producing a crop isn’t easy. The challenge of achieving just the right balance between plant genetics, the local environment, and management practices requires experience, hard work and more than just a little luck. We found that large volumes of raw data were available from sensors, controllers, monitors, and software applications, but may not be useful as information for making the many agronomic decisions that are required in order to be a successful.

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7621 N Del Mar Ave, Suite 101 , Fresno , California 93711 USA

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So we got to work, pioneering the concept of building an internet-of-things platform that combines a comprehensive array of leading farm hardware technologies into a single, grower-friendly platform. OnFarm was born as a unique farm management tool that displays and analyzes data from many different sources in a single, easy-to-use application. More importantly, it turns that data into valuable information, aiding growers and their trusted advisors in making sound, science-based decisions in near real-time.

When we founded OnFarm we knew many great hardware and information companies with technologies that could really help growers. But none of them worked together. And when these systems don’t work together, no one benefits. Not the hardware companies, not the growers, and not the people that try to help growers get the most out of their crops. In response, OnFarm has established partnerships with a host of hardware technology, imagery, equipment, weather forecasting and software providers to be able to aggregate massive amounts of data for analysis. The information is available in one place, on any device, at any time and accessible only with the grower’s permission.

We embarked on building OnFarm out of a desire to create an intuitive system for growers. In the end, we built a system that also makes growers, farm managers, and landowners more money by positively impacting crop costs, quality and yields through better management of data. Crop advisors and retailers benefit because the grower benefits. Processors, packers and cooperatives can achieve greater operational efficiencies and improved raw product quality that result in improved processing yields or pack-outs through data sharing from their grower suppliers.

Thank you for your interest in OnFarm, we’re excited for what the future holds for our technology and our growers, and as always, we look forward to helping you Grow Informed.

OnFarm’s powerful platform allows you to manage all your ag data in one place, simply.

Any Data, Any Source, Any Time, Anywhere

OnFarm Ready partners and public data sources enable customers to select best-of-breed solutions while taking the pain and guesswork out of using the information.

Automatic Data Collection

OnFarm builds and automatically manages data integrations so you can select the solutions that work best for you.


The OnFarm Grower Dashboard is home to all your farming information. The customizable dashboard enables you to stay organized and track important information, readings, and conditions.

Easy Data Management

OnFarm enables you to manage your data simply and efficiently. We’ll walk you through adding new information to your dashboards. Start by selecting your widget type and our 3 step process allows you to setup any data in a couple of seconds.

Advanced Graphs

Sometimes you need to get into the proverbial weeds. OnFarm supports you by providing advanced, interactive charting to identify and predict trends with the flexibility to add, group, export, or print your graphs.

ESRI Mapping

ESRI is the gold standard in mapping and OnFarm provides it at no additional cost. USGA soil layers for the entire US and additional Soil Profile features also come standard.


OnFarm is designed to be collaborative. Add accounts for your ranch managers and free alert accounts for irrigators, field staff, or others that you need to keep on track. PCAs, crop, and soil consultants can also be given access to the information they need most.


Stop juggling calendars and paper schedules. OnFarm gives your team an easy-to-use schedule built right in. Coming soon, the scheduler will auto-populate with events and recommendations.


OnFarm allows you to set alerts on any of your information and have them delivered in real-time as a text to any phone or email address. Alerts are user specific so the right person gets the message every time.

Take it Anywhere

OnFarm was built to go with you. Use it in the office on your big screen, pull up key data on your PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet, on your Internet connected browser. OnFarm enables you to make changes or check operations, anywhere.

Your Data, Secured

OnFarm stays on the cutting edge of data security by collaborating with the American Farm Bureau on grower data privacy guidelines and helping craft industry standards. When it comes to your data, we’re committed to keeping you in control.

Endless Possibilities

OnFarm is built to conform to your management style. Organize data by location, crop, day of the week, and set up dashboards for the big picture or to micro-manage your soil moisture. The sky’s the limit.