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  • Ontario - Harvestore Silos

    Ontario - Harvestore Silos

    Ontario Harvestore sets the standard for feed quality, providing an efficient, first-in…first-out feed storage and delivery system. Offering a turn-key solution, Ontario Harvestore is a company built for a lifetime of satisfaction. Harvestore has built its' reputation on providing dairy and livestock with superior feed quality. For years, producers using Harvestore's oxygen-limiting technology have seen the freshness of the haylage and high...

  • Ontario - NutriStore Systems

    Ontario - NutriStore Systems

    NutriStore systems help farmers leverage liquid fertilizer pricing differences to lower costs and increase productivity. As fertilizer prices keep escalating the benefits of buying fertilizer during off peak times becomes more attractive. When this opportunity was first discovered by farmers the challenge became how to economically, reliably and safely store liquid fertilizer so that a true return on investment (ROI) could be...

  • Ontario - Slurrystore Storage Systems

    Ontario - Slurrystore Storage Systems

    Slurrystore storage systems help dairy and livestock producers better manage manure to meet environmental regulations and protect the environment.

  • Ontario - Model XL 400 - Unloaders

    Ontario - Model XL 400 - Unloaders

    The Harvestore XL Unloaders are more powerful, faster and more efficient than the competition.The XL 400 is a silo unloader that is more powerful, faster and more efficient than its predecessors and competition. The Harvestore XL 400 meets the demands of modern farming systems. It was created to be a faster unloading system, comparable to (or even more efficient than) the perceived unloading speed of bags and bunkers.