Onurplas started operations in 1997 with the construction industry. As a result of monitoring and analysis in various industries : seeing the lack of sectoral needs and has accelerated the R & D work in various fields and has passed the manufacturer`s position as a result of it. With the core boxes produced for the mining sector firms have a quick introduction to the field of plastics, this product is taking firm steps towards becoming the leading company in the core boxes in Turkey. Our company not satisfied with this: with under the brand names Birebeş (greenhouse and balcony systems) and Zerrefil ( irrigation and filtration systems) closing various gaps in the agricultural sector. Result of the ongoing sectoral monitoring and analysis our company continues to develop projects. The results of this study Onurplas become a exporting company and exporting its products to various parts of the world are contributing to the national economy.

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Vatan San.Sit.Isildak Sok.No : 60 , Konya , TURKEY Turkey

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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As a Onurplas company our main targets are : producing quality products for various sectors needs with innovative approach in the parallel direction to technological developments , keep a high level of customer and employee satisfaction , understanding of sustainable competitive with new markets and creating opportunities to become a leading company position.

Innovative, researchers, maintain clear understanding of continuous improvement , constantly growing with holding a high level of customer satisfaction, considering the international quality to never compromise on quality , without distinguishing between domestic and foreign customers to be equal distance from everyone, contribute to employment by creating new business opportunities with new products and sought after in the industry it serves is to make the company name and products brand position.