Oraka Graders Ltd.

ORAKA is a New Zealand company that had it`s beginnings as a small family agricultural operation. The main product has been machinery for grading of asparagus. This system has been under development for about 25 years and is the world leader in it`s field. Since starting to use computerised cameras in 1993, there have been about 80 ORAKA asparagus graders sold in 10 countries.

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P.O. Box 657 , Cambridge , Waikato 3434 New Zealand

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Internationally (various countries)

We have access to a very talented team of specialists in various disciplines, including electronics, optics, optoelectronics, computer, software, mechanical and agricultural skills. The team also has experience in industrial robotics design and development and is exploiting the very latest in technological advances in cameras, computers and related fields.

We have a policy of continued development of the asparagus systems and as a result of experience gained in this field, have been able to modify our techniques to grade many other items in agricultural, manufactured food and industrial applications.

The company is based in Cambridge in the North Island of New Zealand. 

Machine vision is the process of automated inspection and sorting of objects using electronic cameras and computers, running specialized software.

It has the ability to measure size, colour, shape and surface features of the object under inspection. There is an enormous amount of data to process to make these measurements, but a good system can do this consistently and very quickly, e.g., in excess of 12 spears per second in the case of asparagus grading.

It is a field that is relatively new and is a concept that is constantly finding new uses. It was born during the 'space race' and is rapidly becoming more powerful and useful as computer power and camera technology improves.

ORAKA has established itself as a leader in one niche in the Machine Vision field and has proved itself capable of creating successful systems to inspect and grade a variety of products.