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  • Sprinkler Systems - Timers

  • Model Super-6 - Timer with Remote

    Model Super-6 - Timer with Remote

    This timer can be used for irrigation systems that have up to 6 zones or valves. With a convenient remote control, watering a specific zone, or running your entire program becomes a breeze. The remote control allows you to operate individual stations up to 200 ft. This reduces wasted time walking back and forth to the timer during testing, sprinkler adjustments and repairs. It also allows you to spot water specific zones from your front porch without...

  • Model 9 - Station Outdoor Slide Timer

    Model 9 - Station Outdoor Slide Timer

    No other timer gives you so much information at a glance. Rather than going through the hassle of pressing many different buttons and going through dozens of displays, adjust the duration of a station by simply sliding the switch. Programming has never been easier or faster.

  • Sprinklers - Gear Drive Rotors

  • Voyager II - Professional Gear Drive with Key and 10 Nozzles

    Voyager II - Professional Gear Drive with Key and 10 Nozzles

    This innovative gear-drive sprinkler is ideal for watering medium to large areas; which includes coverage from 35 ft. up to 45 ft. radius. Because of the gear mechanisms, this head is quiet with a smooth rotating spray. Simple adjustments on the top of the head allow for full or part circle watering; adjustable from 40 to 360 degrees. This head will pop-up 4 in. and has a removable filter to resist clogging.

  • Voyager - Gear Drive Sprinkler with Screw Top

    Voyager - Gear Drive Sprinkler with Screw Top

    The Voyager is the #1 consumer choice for medium to large area gear drive sprinkler heads. It covers areas from 20 to 40 foot radius in a part- to full-circle spray pattern. Adjustments only require a flat-head screwdriver, not a special adjustment key. The gear drive rotor ensures even and complete water coverage as well as a quiet spray. A filter protects the nozzle from clogging and is easily accessible for cleaning. It is compatible with all...

  • Drip Irrigation - Manifolds and Adapters

  • 8-Port Adjustable Manifold

    8-Port Adjustable Manifold

    Individual Flow Control adjustment for each port - Permits precise flow adjustment for each outlet. Eight 1/4' barbed ports with threaded caps. Easy to remove filter - Prevents clogged nozzles. Connects to a 1/2' threaded riser. Converts shrub head to a Drip watering system.

  • 4-Port Adjustable Manifold

    4-Port Adjustable Manifold

    This 4 port manifold continues to be the number one choice by homeowners. This versatile manifold includes the following features: 1. Manual flow control which regulates all four outlets. 2. Threaded outlet caps if not all ports are in use. 3. An easy access filter to prevent clogging.