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  • Wind Machines

  • Stationary Wind Machines

    Stationary Wind Machines

    Over 40 years and with 25,000 wind machines sold worldwide, Orchard-Rite® Wind Machines have continued to lead the industry in wind machine frost protection. Using the highest quality materials, the latest machining technology and a dedicated team, you receive a partnership of Pure, Powerful, Performance. Orchard-Rite provides the grower with multiple options of, Towers, Engine Packages and over fifteen Optional Equipment Accessories. Making it...

  • Portable Wind Machines

    Portable Wind Machines

    The Orchard-Rite Portable Wind Machine is ideal for mobile drying and frost protection. Do you have multiple crops, leased land or crops that need protection in multiple seasons? Do you have an estate vineyard and need to keep your view free of machinery? Or, do you need to dry your crop to accelerate harvest or prevent disease? If you said yes to any of these questions, then this is the machine for you. Whether you need long or short term protection,...

  • Auto Start system

    Auto Start system

    Don’t let frost take you by surprise and rob you of a profitable harvest. Orchard-Rite’s Auto-Start™ system will give you Pure Protection. Orchard-Rite pioneered auto-start technology in the late 1990s, giving growers around the world the assurance that their crops would be protected automatically. In fact, many growers have had their machines come on when they didn’t think there was a frost. Pre-setting start and stop...

  • Tree Shakers

  • Bullet - Tree Shaker

    Bullet - Tree Shaker

    Accelerate your harvest by putting Pure Efficiency into action with The Bullet. Drive from tree to tree with no need for backing and reduce soil compaction with our down-the-row shaker. The Bullet’s rugged design is compact, yet powerful. It features heavy-duty energy wheel bearings, a 50-degree shaker head roll and is equipped with lights for nighttime harvesting. Accelerate your harvest – refined shake patterns help you to remove more...

  • Monoboom - Tree Shaker

    Monoboom - Tree Shaker

    Accelerate your harvest with Orchard-Rite’s biggest selling tree shaker, the Monoboom.Experience Pure Practicality with Orchard-Rite’s most versatile tree shaker, the Monoboom. You’ll accelerate your harvest by covering more acreage in less time. With refined shake patterns, the shaker removes more nuts, leaving fewer nuts on the trees. The multiple shake frequencies and unique shaker head lubrication system reduce the chance of...