Organic Agriculture Association Inc (OAA)

The OAA is a founding Australian organic organisation situated in East Gippsland, Victoria. The association believes that for all levels of agriculture, horticulture and community to be sustainable, ecologically responsible, vibrant and enduring, then so too do we require a healthy, dynamic, engaging, regenerating soil. The Association is strongly committed to linking the public to the key resources, education and information that will assist them to facilitate family, community, and the environment, in a secure, proactive, rewarding, and futuristic way.

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Fuchsia Wing, 14 McKean Street , Bairnsdale , Victoria 3875 Australia

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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)

The Organic Agriculture Association has been actively involved in generating information and resources for agriculture and community alike for more than twenty five years, beginning that process very early on through field days and workshops, with founding members also introducing the first organic standards to Australia....More

Through the OAA's Organic Information & Resource Centre (OIRC), what is probably the most extensive organic library in Australia is made available to members, who also receive 10% discounted entry to events, new books and publications available to the general public from the bookshop, in addition to other products and resources.