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  • Orthman - Model 4000 - Bed Lister

    Orthman - Model 4000 - Bed Lister

    The Orthman 4000 Bed Lister provides producers with a perfectly shaped bed time and time again. The row unit is rigid mounted to the toolbar to provide a competitive price while the lister unit is fully adjustable to build the desired bed. 4000 Bed Listers are available in rigid, folding, and stacking models ranging from 6 to 16 row to match up with your operation. Teaming the 4000 Bed Lister with Orthman row markers allows a bed to be built prior to...

  • Model LB 333 - Lister Bedder

    Model LB 333 - Lister Bedder

    The LB333 effectively combines a field drainage (furrow) system with a firm, level, and ideally suited uniform seedbed. Fully adjustable lister units create precisely shaped furrows to provide the field with the ability to drain effectively as well as assist with furrow irrigation if needed. The rearward rollers firm the soil and flatten the perfect seedbed to provide the producer with an opportunity to plant in a seedbed of firm and moist soil, free...