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  • Treating wastewater as a resource

    Treating wastewater as a resource

    A number of UK landfill operators are turning wastewater into a resource by utilising OTT monitoring and control systems to manage the irrigation of Willow crops (for renewable energy generation) with pre-treated effluent. Background Leachate from ...

  • Protecting ireland’s aquaculture

    Protecting ireland’s aquaculture

    Background Mulroy Bay in North West Ireland is a pristine marine environment with a number of rare and sensitive habitats. As a result Mulroy Bay is designated as a Special Area of Conservation under the EU Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). The ...

  • Waterquality in irrigation canals and boreholes - Greece

    Waterquality in irrigation canals and boreholes - Greece

    Background Kavala is located in the North East of Greece, 680 km from the capital Athens. The population of the prefecture of Kavala is around 85,000 people. The River Nestos which flows through this prefecture is very important for the agriculture ...

  • Monitoring of soil fertility

    Monitoring of soil fertility

    Background In agriculture and forestry soil fertility is a decisive factor for the economic use of fields and forests. Various factors, considered as a whole are the indicators which characterize the soil fertility. Important parameters are e.g.: ...