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  • Gulf Coast Wildflower Seed Mix

    Gulf Coast Wildflower Seed Mix

    This wildflower seed mix is formulated for theGulfCoast, Caribbean, Southern Florida and extremeSouthern Texas. TheGulfCoastareas have special environmental conditions that makes this wildflower blend especially well suited for its conditions. A mix of perennials and annuals that are adapted to moist conditions to tolerate the rainfall as well as sunny conditions to tolerate the extreme temperatures.

  • Pink Flowers Seeds

    Pink Flowers Seeds

    This wild flower seed mixture produces only pink flowers. The pink wildflowers will reach a height of approximately 28 inches tall. Theses pink flower seeds are all annual wild flowers, so the flowers bloom heavily and have a long bloom season but only last one year. Wildflowers typically drop their seed in the fall and will often re-seed themselves and come back the next spring for another beautiful display of pink flowers.