OZSU Machine Mobile Grain Dryers

OZSU offer customers mobile grain dryers which has 7 different models from 10 m³ to 75m³. The dryers are equipped with the universal wire screen designed for drying all kinds of cereals, seeds, maize and other. OZSU mobile dryers are capable work 24-hours without non-stop and drying complete at low energy consumption. They ensure reliable operation with a fully automated drying process. The mobile dryers can be supplied with electricity, PTO driven or both.

Company details

Bandirma Organized Zone Tastepe Locality 4. St. No:10 , Gonen , Balikesir 10900 Turkey

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Ozsu machine is a family company which has started its manufacturing life in Balikesir Gonen in 1972. OZSU has founded by Mr. Ziya OZCESMECI and Company is running by his sons Mr. Eren and Erol OZCESMECI now. First years of its manufacturing life provided to customer with quality service as lathe and welding shop according to requirements of the market.

In 1980’s OZSU produced big sprinkler head, centrifugal pumps and cooperated with important foundations such as EGE YILDIZ, PANKO BIRLIK and Agricultural Credit Cooperative.

End of 90’s, OZSU has started to produce mobile grain dryers and in very short time proved itself in this sector. Also became leader in Turkey. Beside of grain drying machines, according to requirements of customer it develops drying system for other sectors and apply all of them successfully. With many years experience OZSU not only sell machines for domestic market at the same time sell machines to ten different country.

OZSU continue its production life where moved in 2013. New facility which occupies 18.500m² and 5.500m² are which of covered withal equipped with last technology and divided as storage area, production area, assembly area, paint room and offices in Bandirma Organized Industry Region .

The continuity of quality, applicable projects with affordable prices, mutual trust and honesty will be the essential principles and indispensable values for our company vision.

Our mission is to become one of the first remembered companies on Grain Dryer and Agricultural Equipments sector.

We aim to follow up the changes on technology and life sytle of farmers. OZSU will continue to develop and apply its experience to its products.

OZSU aim to be among the leading companies on the world in sector as produce dryers with high quality, original and reliable solutions.

OZSU is constantly evolving with technological innovation, producing quality products that meet the expectations of its customers, providing their satisfaction by adding value to customers and employees, society and the country to useful being a global company.

  • To help customers at time and desired way.
  • To inform our customers about usage of our Grain Dryers with details.
  • To improve customer satisfaction with quality of our products and service.
  • To detect our customers expectations and needs in best way and satisfy the demands on the maximum level.
  • Being a follower of innovation in the sector and make related investments.
  • With continuous development aiming to increase the production efficiency and take quality under guarantee.
  • To increase technical personnel qualification with continuous training

  • To sell your grain when market prices are most high,
  • To prepare grain for second process like seeding and grinding,
  • To give you more choices and options with the grain on entire of year.

Grains must be starage after they harvested which will be use as feed, seed or food. For prevent negative issues on grain they must be dried. In Turkey mostly grains are harvesting between %25 and %30 moisture and it must be dried until %14. Otherwise during strorage, grain might faced with problems like deterioration or insect infestation.
In the past grains were left out to dry under the sun, in farmyards and stored on large racks.  This drying system certainly did not guarantee a homogeneous product and long-term suitable storage.  There was also a high risk that rodents would come in contact with the product.  Farming mechanization and industrialization has led to many advantages and innovations.  Farmers have greater freedom when they use dryers and can even harvest ahead of time or in adverse weather conditions.  A dried product is homogeneous, free of impurities and can be stored for long periods of time without any risks.
Dryers increase the end product quality and its market value.  Farmers with dryers can dry and store their harvest for long periods of time.  This means they can better handle seasonal fluctuations in the grain price.